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Europe · Transnistria

Explosions rock Moldova after Russia suggests it could be its next target in Europe

Coverage: 17 sources
Explosions hit Transnistria’s security ministry, a radio tower and a military unit, causing damage but no reported injuries. Moldovan President Maia Sandu condemned the explosions as an attempt to escalate tensions. She attributed the explosions to “internal differences between various groups in Transnistsria that have an interest in destabilising the situation.See the Story
European Union · Ukraine

European Union makes Ukraine a candidate for EU membership

Coverage: 15 sources
The EU also gave candidate status to the tiny country of Moldova, another former Soviet republic that borders Ukraine. Ukraine applied for membership less than a week after Moscow invaded on Feb. 24. The EU candidate status doesn't provide any immediate security guarantees. The main benefits of EU membership are economic, since it gives access to a market of 450 million consumers.See the Story
Ukraine · Ukraine

France calls for investigation into death of journalist covering war in Ukraine

44% Left coverage: 9 sources
Frederic Leclerc-Imhoff, 32, died Monday while reporting for France's BFM TV channel. He was killed after an armored evacuation vehicle came under fire in Severodonetsk, Ukraine. Luhansk governor wrote that shrapnel from Russian shells pierced the vehicle. French foreign affairs minister Catherine Colonna called the death "deeply shocking"See the Story
Ukraine · Ukraine

War in Ukraine: the Ukrainian army claims to have killed a Russian general

67% Center coverage: 6 sources
Maj Gen Roman Kutuzov was killed leading an assault on a Ukrainian settlement. He had been commanding troops from the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic. His death comes as rumours circulate on social media that a second senior officer, Lt Gen Roman Berdnikov, was also killed in fighting over the weekend.See the Story
Europe · Ukraine

Russian media accuse Ukraine of using "black magic" as invasion falters

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Russian state media has accused Ukrainian troops of practising black magic. A 'satanic seal' was reportedly found daubed on the walls of a military base in Ukraine. RIA Novosti claims that the presence of the symbol, along with other markings apparently made with blood, were evidence that Ukrainian soldiers were 'practicing black magic'See the Story
Europe · Hungary

European Commission launches mechanism to deprive Hungary's euro

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
The European Commission launched a mechanism on Wednesday for the first time that would continue Hungary in the wake of violations of the rule of law without European Union support money.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

New construction homes may increase by ten percent in the next year

In the sublet market, realtors expect a 7 percent fee increase.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

World chess champion Carlsen sat down at a party with Judit Polgár and lost

Egy madridi klubban játszottak, 19 lépés után nyert Polgár, addigra már nem volt vezére Carlsennek.See the Story

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