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Vatican apologises after Pope Francis uses derogatory term for gay men

The Vatican has apologised after the Pope used a highly offensive word towards gay men. In a statement, it said: "Pope Francis is aware of the articles recently published about a conversation, behind closed doors, with the bishops of the CEI.

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Aid deliveries suspended after rough seas damage US-built temporary pier in Gaza, 3 US officials say

A U.S. built temporary pier that had been used to deliver additional humanitarian aid into Gaza was damaged by rough seas and has temporarily suspended operations, three U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

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In Trump’s hush money trial, prosecutors and defense lawyers are poised to make final pitch to jury

Prosecutors and defense lawyers in Donald Trump’s hush money trial are set to deliver closing arguments to the jury Tuesday, each side looking to score final points with the panel before it starts deliberating the fate of the first former American president to be charged with felony crimes.

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Judge Cannon rejects request for gag order against Donald Trump in classified docs case

The judge overseeing Donald Trump’s classified documents case in Florida on Tuesday denied prosecutors’ request to bar the former president from making public statements that could endanger law enforcement agents participating in the prosecution.

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T-Mobile to acquire most of U.S. Cellular in $4.4 billion deal

T-Mobile announced Tuesday that it plans to acquire most of U.S. Cellular, including stores, some of the wireless operator’s spectrum and its customers, in a deal worth $4.4 billion.

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