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US & Canada · Cape Canaveral

Plants have been grown in lunar soil for the 1st time ever

49% Center coverage: 147 sources
Scientists have grown plants in soil brought back from the Moon. Six Apollo missions collected a total of 381kg of lunar soil and rocks. Researchers planted thale cress seeds in approximately a gram of soil each. They also planted a control group in JSC-1A volcanic ash used to simulate lunar soil.See the Story
Europe · Kyiv

Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra raises $900,000 for military by auctioning Eurovision trophy

45% Left coverage: 47 sources
Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra raise US$900,000 by selling Eurovision trophy. The group won Eurovision with their entry "Stefania." The funds raised will be used to purchase for the armed forces the PD-2 unmanned aerial system, which includes three aircraft. Russia's invasion on Ukraine, now in its fourth month, has claimed thousands of lives. Moscow calls its actions a "special military operation" to disarm Ukraine.See the Story
Europe · Slovenia

Slovenians vote in tight race between populists, liberals

52% Center coverage: 25 sources
About 1.7 million voters will choose from an array of parties running for seats in the 90-member legislature. The ruling conservative Slovenian Democratic Party and newly formed Freedom Movement have led polls ahead of the vote. Jansa became prime minister a little over two years ago after the previous liberal premier resigned.See the Story
Europe · Ukraine

EU should seize Russian reserves to rebuild Ukraine, Borrell says -FT

54% Right coverage: 13 sources
The EU and its western allies have put curbs on the Russian central bank's international reserves since the country began its invasion of Ukraine. The EU should consider seizing frozen Russian foreign exchange reserves to help pay for the cost of rebuilding Ukraine after the war, its foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, said.See the Story
Europe · Croatia

Croatia introduced the euro in 23, announced by the 20th European Commission

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
[BRUSSELS/FRANKFURT 1st Reuters] - The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union (EU), announced on the 1st that Croatia was ready to introduce the euro. If approved by the EU summit, it will become the 20th member of the euro in 2023.See the Story
Europe · New Zealand

Call grows to tighten New Zealand law that allows public pooping if no one watching

Coverage: 2 sources
A camping association in New Zealand has called on the government to amend the laws that allow people to poop in public if they don't think they arSee the Story
Europe · Hungary

A fresh version of the Sargentini report has been completed, they see the situation in Hungary worse

Emergency, KESMA, Pegasus, Mansion, HAS, SZFE. They've been reviewing the last four years.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

Timothy Snyder: Putin starves tens of millions in Africa to destabilise Europe with initial migration

According to the world-famous historian, the historical samples of the Russian dictator blocking the export of grain in Ukraine could be Stalin and Hitler.See the Story

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