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By far my favorite news app. It feeds you even more articles than the others do, just organized in a way that keeps things from getting overwhelming. The blind spot feature is really useful for finding the stories that slip through the cracks. On top of all of that, they are really dedicated to having great customer service. Really the best news app out there, well worth the 5/5 I gave it.Amy, October 5, 2022
I'm a news junkie, I have more news apps on my phone than I do games, this one honestly beats them all. It reports all the news sources and shows you how left or right or center any of them are, plus you can read the same article from multiple sources and see how they all tell the same story differently. Please check them out and give them a try!!!Travis, August 5, 2022
Best news app or site I've ever used. If you want to make your own opinions about the information that is out there use this.It literally tells you how biased the posts from different sites are by a calculated percentage. Absolutely a necessity in todays age.Wyatt, August 22, 2022

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Rise above sensationalism, algorithms and echo chambers to get the full story. See which media outlets are reporting on today’s news and where they fall on the political spectrum.

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Compare coverage to see how different media outlets are framing the same issue.
The Guardian ·
KRDO ·Colorado Springs
Sheila Jackson Lee, long-serving Democratic congresswoman and advocate for Black Americans, dies at 74
New York Post ·
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See media bias in action.

Get independent bias ratings for all the major news outlets and see whether certain stories are mostly covered by the left, center or right.

Take control of the news you read.

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Discover stories that are disproportionately covered by one side of the politcal spectrum.

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Get the local and global perspective with on-the-ground news sources from around the world.

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