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What is
Ground News

Ground News is a platform that makes it easy to compare news sources, read between the lines of media bias and break free from algorithms.

The Problem with Partisan Media

Over the past decade, online news and ad-driven algorithms have made it profitable for news outlets to embrace a position on the bias spectrum to target specific consumers.
Bias in the media affects everything from what events receive coverage, to how a news outlet frames those events in their reporting.

As media outlets narrow their perspective and range of coverage, it’s become impossible to consult a single news story for a well-rounded view on important issues.

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Thinking Freely

Ground News was created to offer clarity in an increasingly chaotic media landscape. Our vision is positive coexistence where cooperative, civil debate is the norm, media is accountable, and critical thought is the baseline of our information consumption. We’re on a mission to well inform the world by empowering readers to think freely about the issues of our times.

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A Better Way to Read the News

Every day we process nearly 60,000 news articles from over 50,000 different news sources. Articles from different outlets covering the same event are merged into a single story, making it possible to get multiple perspectives in one place.

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See the Whole Picture

The Ground News rating system adds context and transparency to every news story. Readers from all walks of life can conveniently identify media bias, check source credibility, and view ownership data for news outlets around the world.

The bias and factuality ratings are determined using three independent news monitoring organizations: All Sides, Ad Fontes Media, and Media Bias Fact Check. The ownership categories were researched and developed by Ground News.

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BiasWhat is the political bias of a news outlet? This score takes into account wording, story choices and political affiliation.
FactualityHow reliable are the reporting practices of the news outlets covering a story? This score takes into account the credibility of sources used, the speed at which corrections are made, and whether the language retains context.
OwnershipWho owns the news you read? We researched, analyzed and hand-coded ownership data for 2,276 news outlets and counting.

Ground News is everywhere you need it.

View bias and factuality ratings at a glance, so you can focus on getting a balanced perspective on today’s major news events.


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Bias Checker Tools

image of Ground News's browser extension

Browser Extension

Get the breakdown of how news outlets from across the political spectrum are reporting on the same story with the Ground News Media Bias Checker Extension.TIP: It also works on news articles shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.Get the Extension

Social Media Blindspotters

Reddit Blindspotter LogoMore of a Redditor? Try the Reddit Blindspotter tool to reveal the bias of articles shared on any subreddit. You can also join the conversation at r/groundnews.See the toolRead our Methodology

Not Your Average Newsletters

Get the latest breaking news, see underreported stories across the political spectrum and discover important issues outside your algorithm.
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Ground Education

Since its inception, Ground News has been approached by educators as an innovative media literacy tool.

Educators at all levels are able to find media bias examples for students using real-time coverage of current events, demonstrate the importance of lateral reading in determining the credibility of a news source, and draw real-world connections to course material.
Ground News in the Classroom - Media Literacy

Company History

Ground News was co-founded in 2018 by former NASA engineer, Harleen Kaur, and award-winning app developer Sukh Singh. Since launch, we’ve been featured in Apple’s “New and Notable” showcase, reached #1 on Product Hunt, been recommended by Tristan Harris, star of the Social Dilemma and Co-Founder & President of the Center for Humane Technology, and recognized by Apple CEO Tim Cook at a developer roundtable.
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Our Team

The Ground News team is based in Kitchener, Canada, and is made up of a small team of media industry outsiders. We are not funded by a media company, big tech, government affiliations nor institutional investors - we are supported by our subscribers and a small group of individual investors who care about the problem personally.

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