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We’ve already helped over 250,000 escape theirs and see the news from a different perspective. Ground News was created to be a news destination for everyone, regardless of political ideology.

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Check out Ground News. They will show you if there is a "media blackout" on the left or right. They line up all the reporting and you can see visually who’s talking about a story and who’s completely ignoring it. It's really striking to see.
Scott AdamsAuthor and creator of “Dilbert”

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Ground News has made following the news more approachable, affordable, and engaging. I used to be comfortable in my bubble, only reading stories from local sources that I trusted. In all honesty, I found global news sources to be overwhelming and intimidating. Thanks to the unparalleled user experience of Ground News, I am proud to say that I’ve “bursted my bubble.”
Saira BlairFormer member of the West Virginia House of Delegates

Readers love our extension

"If only everyone could have this extension automatically applied to all of their browsers when they view online news; and before they share wild stories on social media platforms.”
Extension review by Jamie
“Excellent way to get multiple perspectives on an article without having to browse a million sites or using a feed.”
Extension review by Charlie
“Brilliant app and browser extension that analyzers media bias of the news you’re consuming & helps people get out of their echo chamber online.”
Extension review by Dave
“A tool that provides further insights behind the social feeds we consume daily is much needed. Love the fact that this integrates right within my news feed without having to leave to a different site.”
Extension review by Crystal
“This comes in super handy. In the past I've often just looked at 3-4 different media outlets to get a more general overview of what a story looks like but this seems to integrate it right within my feed. Really cool!”
Extension review by Marcus
“Amazing tools like your Bias Checker should come with browsers by default - it is that good and (sadly) needed in todays world. You are doing the world a great favor. I hope your product spreads far and wide. Good luck!”
Extension review by Aušrius

Our app shows you every side of the story

Ground News lets you easily compare how a news story is covered by thousands of sources across the political spectrum and world. What an amazing app to help fight disinformation! So glad this app exists!
Marc MerrillCo-Founder & Former Co-CEO, Riot Games
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How the app has helped our readers

“This is so great to see biases on reporting by collating different sources of a news story and easily seeing how different outlets focus on different elements of a story, sorted by third party political bias rankings.”
App review by gerai
“Incredible presentation and distilled information whilst seemingly staying factual. It just keeps surprising me with great features so I'm gladly subscribed, keep it up!”
App review by Raphaël Messebet
“This has quickly become my go to news app. I havent had any performance issues. Worth the paid membership. The bias report is great!”
App review by Pr Ni
“The world is in desperate need of more businesses that take on the mission of hammering the nails that humanity trips over. This is exactly and perfectly what the world needs.”
App review by Simo
“Discover a more nuanced understanding of the reporting media outlets with this app. It’s extremely helpful for examining stories side by side to highlight spin and bias. Essential resource for news readers.”
App review by Degelh
“I love the concept of this app. As someone who isn’t really affiliated with the left or the right, it’s nice to see the news from both sides to form a better informed opinion.”
App review by Rei

Uncovering bias blindspots right in your inbox

Today there are countless apps claiming to offer background on news sources & compare #mediabias and target audiences. In my experience, few come close to Ground News’s interface, its visual design aesthetic, and the excellent Blindspot report.
Jonathan AlbrightDirector of Digital Forensics, Tow Center of Journalism

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What readers say about the newsletter

The service itself has given me direct experience of media bias on both sides of the spectrum. This is a useful tool for those who want to understand others, and not just shout at them. The highlight is the newsletter, which looks at the blind spots of both left and right leaning media. This app is for anyone wanting to become more media literate.
Review by Aryavan
A brilliant, inexpensive way to filter the noise. It is the best way to ensure you aren't being led into isolated bias bubbles and thereby allows you to make your own mind up on what's being reported in the news. The yearly price is exceptionally reasonable for the service. Its simple to use, super clear and sleek. Don't follow blindly down the left and right, get this app and shape your own opinions with all the information you could possibly need. Also, the Weekly Blindspot Report is great.
Review by Nathaniel
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Journalists from across the political spectrum recommend Ground News

Ground News has an innovative approach to bursting your filter bubble. The platform simply looks at each individual news story, via an algorithm, and then lets you know what type of outlets are mostly covering that specific event. It basically tells you if a particular news story is being widely covered or if it's just a big topic of conversation between the news outlets within your ideological bubble.
Matt BinderTech & Misinformation Journalist, Mashable