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Europe · Kyiv

Ukrainian Uses Airpods Stolen By Russian Soldiers To Track Putin’s Troops

70% Left coverage: 10 sources
The Ukrainian man has been posting updates about the location of his AirPods - which were stolen by a Russian soldier - on his Instagram account.See the Story

Opposition party on track to win Australian election

67% Right coverage: 3 sources
Australian shares look set for an uneasy start to the week after Saturday's federal election. Labor is short of enough seats to form a majority government, although the governing coalition was clearly defeated. The main risk for markets will come if Labor has to rely on the Greens to form Government and they push Labor down a less business-friendly path.See the Story

USB-C charger for all devices in Europe from 2024 - Renaissance

EU countries and lawmakers decided on June 8 to a single charging port for all tablets, mobile phones and cameras in a world first. This political intervention, which the European Commission stated would make the life of people much easier for consumers and save significant money. Apple had warned that the proposal would massively hurt innovation and create a massive electronics waste.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

A high school teacher begs at Deák Square

A congressman went to the scene to make sure it wasn't a fake story.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky: It is necessary for young people in Hungary to become soldiers

Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, Minister of Civil Defense of the Fifth Orban Government, who wants to make military military a patriotic, right, cool thing for young people talking about the development of forces and the Russian-Ukrainian war.See the Story
Europe · Harghita County

There are 42 Romanian schools where no one has been able to graduate

Two schools in Harghita County and one school in Mures County are involved. Where there is a zero-percent successful graduation rate, they cannot start a high school class.See the Story
Europe · Paks

Until 2052, it will not be revealed what the military did to the military drone crossing the country

For thirty years, the Defence and the Ministry of Defence would keep a secret what happened in March in the 40 minutes when a military reconnaissance drone was in Hungarian airspace flying over the Paks nuclear power plant. Until 2052, we will not receive an answer whether there was an omission, and if so, is there any answer until 2052 responsible.See the Story
Europe · Hungary

While inflation is 10.7 percent, András Tállai is very proud of the 8.9 percent pension increase

The government underplanned inflation first and then its modified version, so it can boast of the increase in pension three times a year, now we are at the second one. True, until November, the real value of pensions will decrease.See the Story

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