Get access to our best features
Get access to our best features

Want a second opinion on the news that you're reading?

Whenever you come across a news article online, the Ground News browser extension shows you what other sources are reporting on that story so you can compare coverage

More sources, more context.

The Ground News browser extension adds context to every news story. We use independent news monitoring organizations to assign a bias rating to each source, giving you a visual breakdown of how political bias impacts coverage. Learn more about our rating system.

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"If only everyone could have this extension automatically applied to all of their browsers when they view online news; and before they share wild stories on social media platforms.”

Chrome Store - Sep 15, 2020

“Excellent way to get multiple perspectives on an article without having to browse a million sites or using a feed.”

Firefox Add-ons - Sep 24, 2020

““This is an amazing extension. Provides a bias rating for the new agency and gives references to all other agencies covering the same story so it is quick and easy to see multiple angles of the same story!”

Chrome Store - Nov, 2020

The Bias Checker extension gives you power to read beyond the partisan spin.

Full coverage is only a click away.

Go beyond the headlines and get a well-rounded perspective on breaking news.
Discover news from more than 50,000 sources around the world
Easily compare related articles and practice lateral reading to verify information
Identify media bias, check source credibility, and view ownership data for publishers

Wherever you read the news.

Information comes at us fast from all different angles. The Ground News browser extension helps you sort through the chaos, whether you’re scrolling through Twitter, catching up on your Facebook feed or reading about your favorite topics on Reddit.