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Prosecutor: July 4 parade shooter confessed to police, contemplated 2nd shooting
Parade · Highland Park

Prosecutor: July 4 parade shooter confessed to police, contemplated 2nd shooting

40% Left coverage: 75 sources
The man charged with killing seven people at an Independence Day parade confessed to police that he unleashed a hail of bullets from a rooftop in suburban Chicago and then fled to the Madison, Wisconsin, area, where he contemplated shooting up an event there, authorities said Wednesday. See the Story
Wisconsin court: Sex trafficking can be defence for homicide
Crime · Madison

Wisconsin court: Sex trafficking can be defence for homicide

47% Center coverage: 28 sources
A woman accused of killing a man can argue at trial that she was justified because he was sexually trafficking her, Wisconsin's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday in a decision that could help define the limits of legal immunity for trafficking victims nationwide. The justices ruled 4-3 that a 2008 state law that absolves trafficking victims of criminal liability for any offences committed as a direct result of being trafficked extends to first-degree intentional homicide. However, they said Chrystul Kizer must first provide evidence for a trial judge that her decision to kill Randall Volar was connected to being trafficked before she can invoke immunity.See the Story
Harris visiting Highland Park after July 4th shooting
Parade · Highland Park

Harris visiting Highland Park after July 4th shooting

50% Left coverage: 16 sources
Vice President Harris is visiting Highland Park, Ill., following a mass shooting there on the Fourth of July that resulted in the death of seven people. In a statement on Tuesday, the White House said that Harris will be joined by the city’s mayor, Nancy Rotering (D), Rep. Brad Schneider (D-Ill.) and Illinois state Sen. Julie Morrison (D). See the Story

Latest News Stories

US & Canada · Wisconsin

Republican Kevin Nicholson drops out of gubernatorial race

71% Center coverage: 7 sources
Kevin Nicholson, one of the Republican candidates for Wisconsin Governor, has decided to call it quits and suspend his campaign. In an op-ed for Fox News published on Monday, July 16, 2018, Nicholson wrote about his parents support for his challenger, Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin. The Marine Corps combat veteran issued the following statement on Tuesday about the suspension of his campaign efforts.See the Story
Abortion · Wisconsin

Kleefisch, Nicholson pledge to protect emergency contraceptives. Michels won’t say.

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
With abortions halted in Wisconsin after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, women are turning to Plan B, or "morning-after pills."See the Story
Republican National Convention · Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Nashville enter final stages of close race to host 2024 RNC Convention

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Nashville's Metro Council is scheduled to first take up a framework agreement on Tuesday. The deal is similar to the one agreed to by Milwaukee. Nashville would apply for a $50 million federal security grant, and the convention's host committee would cover any security cost overruns as well as all other convention costs.See the Story
Milwaukee · Milwaukee

Is Milwaukee going to host the RNC? Here's what to know about the city's battle with Nashville to host the 2024 convention

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Milwaukee and Nashville are in the running to host the 2024 Republican National Convention. A bill on a framework agreement to stage the event in Nashville was pulled at the last minute. Backers of a Nashville convention obviously didn't have the votes to move forward so, they punted. It's possible that they'll resubmit legislation in a few days.See the Story
Mandela Barnes

Mandela Barnes addresses race, America's founding at Democratic forum

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes offered his longest and clearest take on the issue of race and America's founding at a forum for Democratic Senate candidates.See the Story
Wisconsin · Wisconsin

Here's why it may soon be costlier to seek some public records in Wisconsin

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
A Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling could make obtaining public records more expensive. The court found the city of Waukesha didn't violate the law by withholding a draft contract. The ruling also held that if government turns over records voluntarily, after being sued but before a judge takes action, the requesters have not prevailed under the law.See the Story
Gun Violence · Illinois

Some Highland Park residents thought their town was immune from gun violence. Then a mass shooting rattled the quiet community.

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Highland Park, Illinois, is home to about 30,000 people. It has a median household income of about $147,000, more than twice the U.S. average. The town's picturesque homes have been used in films like "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Sixteen Candles"See the Story
Mandela Barnes

Bice: Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said America is rich and powerful because of 'forced labor on stolen land'

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is the leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate primary next month. He came under fire from Republicans over the Fourth of July holiday for past criticisms he's made about the nation's Founding Fathers and the founding of the country. The Democrat who wins in August will face off against Republican Sen. Ron Johnson.See the Story

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