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U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions
US & Canada · Washington

U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions

55% Center coverage: 216 sources
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday imposed limits on the federal government's authority to issue sweeping regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants in a ruling that will undermine President Joe Biden's plans to tackle climate change. The court's 6-3 ruling restricted the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal- and gas-fired power plants under the landmark Clean Air Act anti-pollution law. Biden's administration is currently working on new regulations.See the Story
Supreme Court allows Biden to end Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy
US & Canada · Washington

Supreme Court allows Biden to end Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy

56% Center coverage: 156 sources
Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program forces asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for the duration of their immigration proceedings. The Trump administration sent an estimated 70,000 people back to Mexico. Since early December 2021, under what immigration advocates call MPP 2.0, the Biden administration has sent back far fewer.See the Story
Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as Supreme Court's first Black woman
Ketanji Brown Jackson · Washington

Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as Supreme Court's first Black woman

47% Center coverage: 116 sources
Ketanji Brown Jackson, 51, is the court's 116th justice. Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement took effect at noon. Jackson, a federal judge since 2013, will be the first Black woman to serve as a justice. She will be joining three women, Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Amy Coney Barrett.See the Story

Latest News Stories

Entertainment · Los Angeles

Friends Creator Apologises For Lack Of Diversity With $4M Pledge

50% Right coverage: 26 sources
A filmmaker whose clips of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection and interviews with members of the Trump family gained national attention as part of the House panel investigation into the attack said it’s no longer possible to have a “rational conversation” with former President Trump. See the Story
Department of Justice · New York

Justice Department Will Investigate N.Y.P.D.’s Handling of Sex Crimes

59% Center coverage: 22 sources
The investigation comes after years of reports of deficient practices by the NYPD in its sex crimes probe. Two women claimed that the NYPD's Special Victims Division had mistreated them. After the lawsuit and a leadership shakeup, the NYPD pledged to change its ways. But victims say the promised reforms haven't arrived.See the Story
Europe · London

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries gets rugby league and rugby union mixed up while speaking at world cup event

54% Left coverage: 13 sources
Rugby union and rugby league have operated separately since 1895. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries made the gaffe at an event in St Helens. It is her latest gaffe following a much-mocked TikTok video in which she talked about her responsibilities running Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.See the Story
Europe · London

Conservative Party whip Christopher Pincher resigns after 'drinking too much' and 'embarrassing myself' on night out

53% Right coverage: 15 sources
Boris Johnson's deputy chief whip has resigned after drinking "far too much" and "embarrassing myself and other people" on a night out.See the Story
Europe · Kidderminster

Policeman killed son and then himself in Kidderminster, inquest finds

71% Left coverage: 7 sources
David Louden, 39, and three-year-old Harrison were found at their home in Kidderminster. Sgt Louden had been prescribed anti-depressants but decided not to take them. Coroner concluded he unlawfully killed his son and then took his own life.See the Story
Europe · London

Pride: Stay at home if you have monkeypox symptoms

34% Center coverage: 3 sources
Professor Kevin Fenton says people with symptoms such as blisters, fevers and swollen glands should stay at home over the weekend. His warning comes ahead of Pride in London, an LGBT+ festival and parade, on Saturday. There were 1,076 confirmed cases of monkeypox in the UK between May 6 and June 26, according to the latest Government figures.See the Story
Europe · Leicester

Extreme hoarder jailed for leaving sister to die on floor

50% Left coverage: 6 sources
Philip Burdett, 59, was sentenced for gross negligence manslaughter at Leicester Crown Court. His 61-year-old sister Julie died in January 2019 after years of health problems. Her body was found by paramedics on her bedroom floor covered in her own faeces, urine and vomit. Mr Justice Pepperall said he was "utterly out of his depth" when his sister died.See the Story
US & Canada

New York lawmakers to vote on new gun rules following ruling

72% Center coverage: 7 sources
New York lawmakers plan to vote Thursday on legislation seeking to limit the proliferation of firearms in public after the Supreme Court gutted the state’s century-old handgun licensing law.See the Story

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