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Ukraine wins Eurovision Song Contest after performance by Kalush Orchestra

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Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest in the early hours of Sunday. The six-man band mixes traditional folk melodies and contemporary hip hop in a purposeful defense of Ukrainian culture. The public vote from home was decisive in securing their victory. Ukraine's song, "Stefania,'' was written as a tribute to the frontman's mother.See the Story
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New York City investigating possible monkeypox case

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The smallpox-like illness was confirmed to be in Massachusetts on Tuesday. The possible monkeypox patient is being treated at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue. Isolation protocols are being followed, according to the Department of health. If positive, tests will be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.See the Story

Amsterdam port workers refuse to unload ship with Russian oil

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The FNV union has persuaded the workers, first from Rotterdam and then from the Dutch capital, to refuse to cooperate with this ship.See the Story
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Most restaurants and shops do not inform well about allergens

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Some 65% of restaurants fell short of their legal duty to inform clients about the presence of allergens. Butchers, bakeries and ice cream parlours did not follow the rules in 51% of cases. Dutch food standards authority NVWA handed out 3,339 written warnings in the last year.See the Story
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Cabinet Considers Recognizing Institutional Racism at Tax Authorities

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Tomorrow, the cabinet will talk about it. People were put on a list of possible fraudsters, if they had donated money to a mosque.See the Story
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Childcare vaccination urge is off track: Senate votes out bill

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The bill to give child care organizations more options to refuse unvaccinated children fell in action Tuesday in the First Kingdom...See the Story
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Rules for homosexual blood donors loosened further

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Individual risk behavior becomes decisive and the orientation no longer plays a role.See the Story
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'Potentially harmful pesticides on fruits and vegetables increased'

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Analysis of nearly 100,000 samples shows that there are controversial pesticides on almost a third of all fruit. According to toxicologists, these are almost certainly not harmful to consumers.See the Story
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'Let teachers and healthcare staff work more hours'

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In order to maintain public services, more people need to work more, says the Economic and Social Council.See the Story

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