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US & Canada · Washington

Biden: ‘When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?’

42% Center coverage: 148 sources
Biden speaks from the White House barely an hour after returning from Asia. He pleaded for action to address gun violence after years of failure. He bitterly blamed firearm manufacturers and their supporters for blocking legislation. Biden has previously called for a ban on assault-style weapons, tougher federal background check requirements.See the Story
Europe · London

Boris Johnson apologises and takes full responsibility for Partygate events

38% Center coverage: 26 sources
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he took responsibility for COVID lockdown breaches. Johnson corrected a previous statement to parliament that guidance had been followed at all times. He renewed his apology for attending a daytime gathering on his birthday in June 2020, for which he was issued for a fine.See the Story
US & Canada · West Bank

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in West Bank clashes, Palestinian health ministry says

50% Right coverage: 18 sources
The Palestinian health ministry says Ghaith Yamin was wounded by a gunshot to the head. The clashes erupted when Jewish worshipers, escorted by the military, arrived at a shrine. Israeli authorities say they have foiled a wide-ranging plot by Palestinian militant Hamas group.See the Story
Europe · Moscow

Putin Visits 'Hero' Soldiers Wounded in Ukraine

62% Right coverage: 8 sources
Russian President Vladimir Putin meets soldiers wounded in Moscow's military campaign in Ukraine. Putin hails them as heroes, in the first such visit since he sent troops into the pro-Western country. Putin asked one soldier about his baby son, telling him: "He will be proud of his dad"See the Story
Hellevoetsluis · Hellevoetsluis

National entry Sinterklaas this year in Hellevoetsluis

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
The national entry of Sinterklaas will take place this year in the South-Holland municipality of Hellevoetsluis, the NTR announced on Wednesday. The entry will take place on Saturday, November 12. In recent years, due to the corona measures, there has been no national entry with the public.See the Story

Texas gunman mother testifies: 'Salvador was definitely not violent'

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
“Above all, lies and half-truths are told about us. I don't know what inspired my son either. But he has never been violent,” says Adriana Reyes. The mother of the Texas shooter empathizes with the next of kin, she says.See the Story

Reconstruction blow hammer drama in Haaksbergen should show how things could go so horribly wrong

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
The Public Prosecutor's Office is going to reconstruct the blow hammer drama in Haaksbergen. This reconstruction should in particular answer the question of how things went so horribly wrong, while the man who operated the hammer had years of experience with it, RTV Oost writes on Wednesday.See the Story
Tirana · Tirana

Feyenoorders in Tirana are in pocket and ashes: 'Italians played another annoying game'

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Feyenoorders in Tirana are in pocket and ashes after defeat in Conference League finals. They can hardly believe that their club just took hold of the title. ,, Those Italians played another tedious game.”See the Story

Belgische festivalgangers geschokt: ’Ik zag hoe meisjes bewusteloos werden afgevoerd’

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
De Belgische festivalgangers van We R Young zijn erg geschrokken nadat 22 meisjes onwel waren geworden en het Hasseltse festival werd stilgelegd. Mogelijk gaat het om needle spiking, maar dat moet onderzoek nog uitwijzen. „Ik zag hoe verschillende meisjes bewusteloos werden afgevoerd.”See the Story

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