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US & Canada · Los Angeles

Legendary 'Goodfellas' actor Ray Liotta dead at 67

48% Center coverage: 251 sources
Legendary actor Ray Liotta is dead at 67-years-old. He reportedly died in his sleep while in the Dominican Republic while filming "Dangerous Waters."See the Story
Business · San Francisco

Elon Musk Sued By Second Group of Twitter Shareholders

47% Center coverage: 44 sources
Elon Musk is facing yet another lawsuit over his planned Twitter acquisition. Investors have sued the Tesla CEO for allegedly manipulating stock prices ahead of his $44 billion takeover bid. Musk supposedly saved $156 million by failing to disclose that he'd bought more than a 5 percent stake in Twitter by March 14th.See the Story

Actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife arrested as alleged perpetrators of a murder by poisoning

Coverage: 5 sources
Actor Luis Lorenzo was arrested this Friday and has gone to court for his possible link to the murder of a woman in his home in Rivas-Vaciamadrid. TheSee the Story
Europe · Moscow

West has declared 'total war' on Russia: Lavrov

42% Right coverage: 12 sources
Sergei Lavrov: 'The West has declared war on us, on the whole Russian world' He accuses the West of banning Russian writers, composers and other cultural figures. 'It is safe to say that this situation will be with us for a long time,' he adds.See the Story

A Spanish study changes the paradigm for treating early lung cancer

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
The study has tested, before surgery, a combination treatment of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in one group of patients and compared it with another treated only with chemotherapy, but all of them with stage IIIA, the most advanced among initial and localized lung tumorsSee the Story

For Andalusia challenges Canal Sur electoral debates to expel Teresa Rodríguez

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
The left-wing coalition, after a tense internal debate, will appeal to the Electoral Board the coverage plan of public entities for the inclusion of the leader of Adelante Andalucía in the debates between candidatesSee the Story
US Supreme Court · Spain

The Supreme Court takes to Europe the limitation of VTC licenses in Spain

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
The contentious chamber submits a preliminary question to the CJEU asking, among other things, whether the 1/30 ratio rule for VTC licenses is compatible with European regulationsSee the Story

Sánchez anuncia la inversión de 800 millones de euros en el PERTE de Economía Social y de Cuidados

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
El proyecto del Plan de Recuperación fomentará medidas como las "bolsas de cuidado" del Plan Corresponsables para facilitar la conciliación a familias con hijos y se aprobará en el próximo Consejo de MinistrosSee the Story

La incidencia en mayores de 60 años cae 70 puntos y Sanidad registra 45.919 contagios desde el martes

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Desciende también la ocupación de las camas en hospitales por pacientes con COVID, que pasa de un 6,12% a un 5,64% este viernes. Por otro lado, el porcentaje de ocupación en UCI ha aumentado ligeramente hasta un 4,25%See the Story

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