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Asia · Manila

Philippines Congress proclaims Marcos as next president

39% Left coverage: 39 sources
Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was proclaimed the next president of the Philippines by a joint session of Congress. The Senate and House of Representatives also declared that his separately elected vice presidential running mate, Sara Duterte, had won by a wide margin. They will lead a nation battered by COVID-19 lockdowns, crushing poverty, gaping inequality, Muslim and communist insurgencies.See the Story
Business · Cupertino

Apple's iPhone development schedule delayed by China lockdowns

44% Right coverage: 16 sources
Apple has told its suppliers to speed up iPhone development after China's strict COVID-19 lockdowns hampered the schedule for at least one of the new phones.Lockdowns due to China's zero-COVID policy led iPhone assembler Pegatron Corp to suspend operations at its Shanghai and Kunshan plants earlier this year.See the Story
Europe · Kyiv

Ukraine says Russia shells more than 40 towns in Donbas push

60% Right coverage: 10 sources
Russia is trying to take full control of the Donbas, comprised of two eastern provinces Moscow claims on behalf of separatists. Russia has poured thousands of troops into the region, attacking from three sides in an attempt to encircle Ukrainian forces holding out in the city of Sievierodonetsk and twin Lysychansk.See the Story

Former Agricultural Minister Yoshikawa convicted Tokyo District Court recognizes bribe for egg corruption

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
The judgment trial of former agricultural minister Yoshikawa Takamori (71), who was accused of bribery, was held at the Tokyo District Court on the 26th for receiving bribes totaling 5 million yen in cash from a former representative of the “Akita Foods” group, a major egg producer.See the Story
Asia · South Korea

South Korea steps up inflation fight with back-to-back rate hikes

Coverage: 4 sources
Bank of Korea raises interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point to 1.75 per cent. All but one of the 28 analysts polled by Reuters expected a hike. Consumer inflation at a 13-year high threatens to become entrenched. Most analysts expect the BOK to take rates up to 2.25 per cent by year end.See the Story

東芝、取締役にファンド幹部2人 ファラロンとエリオット

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
東芝は26日、定時株主総会で諮る取締役候補者13人を発表した。取締役会議長候補にはGCA創業者で現フーリハン・ローキー会長の渡辺章博氏を選んだ。現在は前社長兼最高経営責任者(CEO)の綱川智氏が暫定で就いていた。社外取締役には米資産運用会社ファラロン・キャピタル・マネージメントと米エリオット・マネジメントの2社から幹部を1人ずつ受け入れる。実際に全員が選任されれば現在の8人体制からの増員となる。See the Story
Stock Markets

Tonight's plus 9 financial tightening acceleration investment strategy in Europe and the United States?

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
The US stock market was hit by a historic decline since the Great Depression, such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling for eight consecutive weeks until last week. Tonight's BS Tele East “Nikkei News Plus 9" (8:54 p.m.-,は、欧米の金融政策が引き締めに向かう中で, What kind of investment strategy should be taken, Mr. Takashi Hiroki of Monex, Inc. and Nissay Research InstituteSee the Story
Mahinda Rajapaksa · Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka president calls for international help as crisis swirls

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa calls for international help in a prerecorded speech. Sri Lanka is on the brink of economic collapse, with mounting debt, inflation and social unrest roiling the South Asian nation. The speech was made during Nikkei's Future of Asia conference.See the Story

Supply network division, climate problem resolution, and leaders “regional cooperation is indispensable”

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
26日に開幕した第27回国際交流会議「アジアの未来」(日本経済新聞社主催)では、東南アジア各国の首脳から国家間の分断が広がることへの懸念が相次いだ。新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大や米中対立の影響で進んだ供給網(サプライチェーン)の分断や気候変動対策などの課題解決には地域各国の協力が欠かせないとの指摘もあった。「私たちは今、分断し続ける時ではない」。都内の会場で講演したマレーシアのイスマイルサブリSee the Story

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