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US & Canada · Uvalde

Texas gunman wrote online post about attacking school minutes before massacre

55% Center coverage: 110 sources
The Texas gunman who murdered 19 children and two teachers posted on Facebook that he was going to shoot up an elementary school about 15 minutes before his rampage, Governor Greg Abbott said on Wednesday, as harrowing details about the attack continued to emerge.See the Story
Europe · London

UK ‘partygate’ report blames culture of Johnson’s office

Coverage: 57 sources
A report into lockdown-breaching U.K. government parties published Wednesday said blame for a “culture” of rule-breaking in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office must rest with those at the top.See the Story
Business · Washington

Twitter to pay $150M penalty over privacy of users' data

Coverage: 55 sources
Twitter Inc. has agreed to pay $150 million in civil penalties to resolve allegations. The social media giant failed to protect users' data privacy in line with a 2011 agreement with the FTC. The settlement will resolve allegations that Twitter violated the FTC Act and an administrative order issued by the FTC in 2011.See the Story
Europe · Washington

Roche develops 3 types of test kits for monkey pox virus

42% Center coverage: 12 sources
Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche announced on the 25th that it has developed three types of test kits to detect the monkey pox virus. The background is that the infection of the virus, which is not usually seen outside of Africa, is spreading in Europe and the United States.See the Story
Europe · Kyiv

Zelensky rips Kissinger over suggestion Ukraine cede territory to Russia

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky savaged suggestions that Kyiv give up territory and make concessions to end the war with Russia. He said the idea smacked of attempts to appease Nazi Germany in 1938. Ministers from the world's wealthiest democracies will wrangle over how to keep climate change goals on track as they meet in Berlin.See the Story
Imran Khan

Pakistani ex-PM Khan demands new elections be set in six days

Coverage: 2 sources
Khan spoke at a rally of thousands of demonstrators in Islamabad. The government earlier had summoned troops to guard important buildings. The measures came following clashes between demonstrators and police. Khan claimed that five of his supporters were killed in the violence across the country. He was ousted last month by a no-confidence vote in Parliament.See the Story
Europe · Wales

Chinese takeover of UK's largest microchip producer faces national security review

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng announced the move after Nexperia completed the purchase in July last year. The factory produces semiconductors - a key component in electronic products from top end smart phones to microwave ovens. Move follows a decision by Boris Johnson last year to ask national security adviser Sir Stephen Lovegrove to look at the deal.See the Story
North Korea · North Korea

Singapore firms charged for exporting alcohol, drinks to North Korea

100% Left coverage: 2 sources
In 2019, a court in the city state jailed the director of a Singaporean trading firm for nearly three years for supplying US$4.4 million worth of luxury goods, including alcohol and perfume, to North Korea.See the Story

China imposes voluntary fishing moratorium in northern Indian Ocean

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Two separate reports since December suggest Chinese trawlers were involved in illegal fishing in the Indian Ocean.See the Story

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