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Business · San Jose

Chipmaker Broadcom to buy VMware in $61 bln deal

54% Center coverage: 53 sources
Broadcom wants to establish a stronger foothold in the cloud computing market. The Broadcom Software Group will rebrand and operate as VMware once the transaction closes. The cash-and-stock deal also includes $8 billion of VMware net debt. The boards of both companies have approved the deal, which is expected to be completed in Broadcom's fiscal year 2023.See the Story
Europe · Washington

Blinken warns China threat greater than Russia long term

60% Center coverage: 45 sources
Secretary of State Antony Blinken will lay out a three-pillar approach to competing with Beijing in a race to define the 21st century's economic and military balance. While the U.S. sees Russia as the most acute and immediate threat to international stability, the officials said the administration believes China poses a greater danger.See the Story
Europe · London

Rishi Sunak announces £5bn windfall tax on energy firms

45% Left coverage: 20 sources
Rishi Sunak has finally unveiled a multi-billion pound windfall tax on oil and gas industry profits to help deal with the cost of living crisis. The measures will raise around £5 billion in revenue over the next year, the Chancellor said. It comes into effect today, and will be legislated for via a standalone Bill to be introduced shortly.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Biden, first lady to travel to Uvalde on Sunday

47% Center coverage: 21 sources
US President Joe Biden on Sunday will visit Uvalde, Texas to grieve with the community following an elementary school shooting. The suspected 18-year old gunman, Salvador Ramos, barricaded himself inside the school for nearly an hour before a tactical unit went inside and killed him.See the Story
Business · Beijing

Alibaba posts slowest ever quarterly revenue growth as economy slows

39% Left coverage: 13 sources
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said on Thursday its profit fell 59 per cent in the last fiscal year. The Hangzhou-based group cited "macro challenges that impacted supply chains and consumer sentiment." It warned it would not give forward-looking financial guidance due to COVID-19 risks and uncertainty. Alibaba's earnings follow a series of sluggish results by prominent Chinese tech firms.See the Story
Protestors · Washington

Student-led gun control group planning nationwide protests, march on DC

56% Left coverage: 9 sources
Students and youth organizers with the March for Our Lives gun control movement are planning nationwide protests following the Texas elementary school shooting, including a march on Washington, D.C., on June 11.See the Story
Tesla · Uvalde

Elon Musk backs 'tight' background checks for all gun sales in wake of mass shooting in Texas

50% Right coverage: 8 sources
Elon Musk says he believes in the Second Amendment right to bear arms. He argues that individuals should undergo "tight background checks" before purchasing a gun. Musk also argued that the media is giving "mass murderers" the attention they're seeking. The Robb Elementary School shooting on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas, left at least 21 people, including 19 children, dead.See the Story

Mark Zuckerberg Admits The Metaverse Will Face ‘Significant’ Losses For Up To 5 Years

50% Left coverage: 4 sources
Mark Zuckerberg told shareholders Meta's project will lose money over the next three to five years. Zuckerberg still holds a controlling stake in Meta. In 2021 alone, Meta spent $10 billion on designing its metaverse. Former and current Facebook employees told Insider in April that Zuckerberg is interested in little except the metaverse but lacks a coherent strategy.See the Story
Africa · South Africa

SA needs $250bn to kick its coal habit

100% Left coverage: 2 sources
Study finds that it will cost $250bn over the 30 years to close the coal-fired power plants and replace them with green energySee the Story

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