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U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions
US & Canada · Washington

U.S. Supreme Court limits federal power to curb carbon emissions

52% Center coverage: 247 sources
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday imposed limits on the federal government's authority to issue sweeping regulations to reduce carbon emissions from power plants in a ruling that will undermine President Joe Biden's plans to tackle climate change. The court's 6-3 ruling restricted the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing coal- and gas-fired power plants under the landmark Clean Air Act anti-pollution law. Biden's administration is currently working on new regulations.See the Story
Biden says he supports overriding filibuster to protect abortion rights
Abortion · Washington

Biden says he supports overriding filibuster to protect abortion rights

54% Center coverage: 161 sources
President Biden said he would support changing the Senate's filibuster rules for Congress to pass a federal law codifying Roe v. Wade. With the current 60-vote threshold, Democrats have few legislative options to fight the end of the nationwide right to an abortion. Biden clarified that he believes the right to privacy should be codified, which would protect more than just abortion access.See the Story
1955 Warrant in Emmett Till Case Found; Family Seeks Arrest
US & Canada · Mississippi

1955 Warrant in Emmett Till Case Found; Family Seeks Arrest

54% Center coverage: 114 sources
Warrant for arrest of Carolyn Bryant Donham found in Mississippi courthouse. Donham accused Emmett Till of making improper advances at a family store. She was married to one of two white men tried and acquitted just weeks later. Till was abducted from a relative's home, killed and dumped into a river.See the Story

Latest News Stories

Business · Washington

Key inflation gauge tracked by the Fed remains a high 6.3%

69% Center coverage: 52 sources
A measure of inflation that is closely tracked by the Federal Reserve rose 6.3% in May from a year earlier, unchanged from its level in April. Consumer spending rose at a sluggish 0.2% rate from April to May. Consumer spending is beginning to weaken in the face of high inflation.See the Story

Some medical debt is being removed from US credit reports

76% Center coverage: 29 sources
Three major U.S. credit reporting companies will stop counting paid medical debt on reports. Companies also will start giving people a year to resolve delinquent medical debt that has been sent to collections. Companies say these moves will wipe out nearly 70% of the medical debt listed on consumer credit reports. Patient advocates question whether medical debt should be on credit reports at all.See the Story
US & Canada · San Jose

California late start law aims to make school less of a yawn

86% Center coverage: 21 sources
When Hansika Daggolu’s junior year of high school starts in the fall, she’ll be watching to see if a later first bell under a new California law means fewer classmates are heads-down on their desks for afternoon naps. The overall mood, she suspects, will lift as well if her classmates at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont aren’t quite so sleepy.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

American Heart Association adds sleep duration to heart health checklist

69% Center coverage: 13 sources
The American Heart Association has added sleep duration to its list of components for cardiovascular health. Sleep, as well as a healthy diet, participation in physical activity, avoidance of nicotine round out the eight "essential" categories. A 2020 survey of U.S. adults found that 14.5% of Americans had trouble falling asleep most days or every day.See the Story
Walmart · Tennessee

Firefighters rescue kitten stuck inside vending machine at Walmart

100% Center coverage: 8 sources
Fire crews in Tennessee rescued a kitten that was stuck inside a vending machine at a Walmart. Firefighters could hear the kitten crying but could not see it. They eventually found another opening where they could see the kitten and were able to coax it out.Lindsey is adopting the kitten.See the Story

‘Dear Tooth Fairy’: Pilot goes extra mile for young passenger who lost tooth on flight

100% Center coverage: 7 sources
Lena and her family were traveling home from Norway to Lexington, South Carolina. When she woke up, she was missing a tooth, lost somewhere on the airplane. The flight crew noticed an upset Lena trying to go back through security. Captain Josh wrote a special note on behalf of Lena.See the Story
World War II

WWII veteran receives medals earned nearly 70 years ago

100% Center coverage: 7 sources
William Kellerman was taken by German soldiers as a prisoner in 1944. Kellerman traveled 600 miles on a bike and made it to the headquarters of the French Resistance. He was finally recognized as a recipient of the Purple Heart, Prisoner of War and a Bronze Star Medal.See the Story

Shooting and barricade situation in Allen, people advised to stay out of the area

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said deputies were attempting to serve a court-issued warrant when the incident started. Hunt said the suspect opened fire when officers responded. He added that several officers have been taken to different hospitals around the region.Troopers with Kentucky State Police Post 9 in Pikeville characterized the situation as very active.See the Story

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