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US & Canada · Batavia

Shock result in particle experiment could spark physics revolution

67% Center coverage: 31 sources
Physicists have found that an elementary particle called the W boson appears to be 0.1% too heavy. The measurement comes from a vintage particle collider at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. If confirmed, the finding would imply the existence of undiscovered particles or forces.See the Story
Europe · New York

Breast cancer spreads the most at a particular time of day, scientists find

42% Center coverage: 12 sources
Breast cancer spreads most efficiently at night as the cells that later spread mainly appear while a person is asleep, a new study suggests. See the Story

Monkeypox to get a new name, says WHO

50% Right coverage: 8 sources
The World Health Organization is working with experts on changing the name of the virus. A group of 29 biologists and other researchers issued a public call for a new nomenclature last week. They say the current international outbreak "has been detected without a clear link to Africa" There are around 3,100 confirmed or suspected cases, including 72 deaths.See the Story
Space · Cumberland County

Astronaut Maurer on his way back to Earth

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
German astronaut Matthias Maurer is on his way back to Earth after almost six months in space. Maurer, 52, and three US colleagues undocked from the ISS in a Crew Dragon capsule. Their capsule is scheduled to land in the ocean off the coast of the US state of Florida on Friday.See the Story

Stiko: Corona-Impfung für alle Fünf- bis Elfjährigen empfohlen

Die Stiko empfiehlt zunächst nur eine Dosis des Impfstoffs und will später entscheiden, ob eine Auffrischung sinnvoll ist.See the Story
Heidelberg, Germany · Heidelberg

T-cell maturation: Effective defense training thanks to copycat cells

T cells must be able to distinguish between friend and foe. To prevent them from becoming dangerous, they undergo rigorous training with special copycat cells.See the Story
South Africa · South Africa

Australopithecus: Vormenschen lebten eine Million Jahre früher als angenommen

Neue Datierung bedeutender Fossilien der Gattung Australopithecus See the Story
Polio · Heidelberg

Polio: Was die Polioviren im Londoner Abwasser bedeuten

In Großbritannien sind das erste Mal seit 40 Jahren wieder Polioviren nachgewiesen wordenSee the Story
Heidelberg, Germany · Heidelberg

Klimawandel: Zu heiß für den Hundenachwuchs

Ihre Anpassung an den Klimawandel könnte afrikanischen Wildhunden schaden, statt sie zu schützenSee the Story
Heidelberg, Germany · Heidelberg

“The Decoding of Hieroglyphics”: Under the Spell of Enigmatic Signs

Edward Dolnick tells how two geniuses solved one of humanity's greatest secrets in exciting competition. A review (Review of The Decoding of Hieroglyphics by Edward Dolnick)See the Story
Heidelberg, Germany · Heidelberg

Hemme's math riddles: What is the maximum difference that can be?

How many days can the European and American spelling be apart for a date within a calendar year?See the Story
Somalia · Somalia

Drought in Africa: “We must remove food trade barriers”

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are drought. Cattle die, people go hungry. Agricultural economist Timothy Njagi explains in an interview how Europe can help prevent crises.See the Story

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