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Climate Change · New Delhi

Climate change made deadly South Asian heat wave '30 times more likely'

46% Center coverage: 52 sources
Study: Human-induced climate change made deadly heatwave 30 times more likely. Temperatures began rising earlier than usual in March, shattering records and claiming at least 90 lives. Pakistan received 62% less rainfall than usual for March, and India 71% less. As global warming continues, intense heatwaves will become more common.See the Story
Europe · Washington

There's still a way to reach global goal on climate change, new study finds

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Paris Agreement climate proposals need a boost to keep warming well below 2 �C. UNFCCC. Glasgow Climate Pact (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 2021).IEA. World Energy Outlook 2021 (International Energy Agency, 2021)See the Story
Europe · Brussels

Why did feathers evolve? A pterosaur fossil offers new hints

67% Center coverage: 30 sources
A few years ago, Maria McNamara was invited to Brussels by fellow paleontologist Pascal Godefroit and presented with an intriguing opportunity. See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Vaccines may offer ‘only partial protection’ against long COVID: study

67% Center coverage: 37 sources
The post-acute sequelae of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection have been characterized. Increasingly, vaccinated individuals are being diagnosed with COVID-19 as a result of breakthrough SARS- CoV- 2 infection (BTI) Whether people with BTI experience post-ACute sequelAE is not clear.See the Story
Europe · Pompeii

Vesuvius victim yields first human genome from Pompeii

52% Center coverage: 21 sources
Two individuals found at the Pompeii building "Casa del Fabbro," translated as "House of the Blacksmith" Man's genome assembly had just 0.42x coverage, indicating that the reads had little overlap, and there were gaps. Results suggested the Pompeian man was genetically similar to modern Mediterranean populations.See the Story
Europe · London

Gene-edited tomatoes: British scientists create tomato with 'souped-up' vitamin D

58% Center coverage: 19 sources
A bill will be introduced on Wednesday to allow commercial growing of gene-edited crops in England. One in six people in the UK are deficient in vitamin D, which is vital to strong bones and muscles. Plant breeders believe that political opposition is too strong for the approval of new GM or GE varieties.See the Story

These 'skydiving' salamanders survive leaps from the world’s tallest trees

86% Center coverage: 7 sources
The tiny amphibians have evolved a human-like strategy for soaring from California’s old-growth redwoods, a new study says.See the Story

Pediatric patients with prior COVID-19 or MIS-C are not protected against Omicron

100% Center coverage: 2 sources
Cross-reactive immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant is low in pediatric patients with prior COVID-19 or MIS-C. Children vaccinated twice demonstrated higher titers against Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omicrons. These findings can influence transmission, re-infection and the clinical disease outcome.See the Story

Lasers reveal ancient pyramids and canals hidden in the Amazon

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
Pyramids and canals built by an ancient civilisation have been discovered beneath the forests of the Bolivian Amazon. LiDAR technology allowed archaeologists to see through the canopy to reveal hundreds of previously unknown structures and settlements. In this film archaeologist Heiko Pr�mers describes his work in a region long thought to be unable to support ancient societies.See the Story

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