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José Mourinho · Marseille

Fan violence mars Marseille-Feyenoord clash

67% Right coverage: 3 sources
French police intervene to halt violent clashes between fans of Olympique Marseille and Feyenoord. Iron bars were used in brutal assaults and vehicles vandalised, local media reported. The situation had calmed down by the time the match kicked off at 8pm (1900 GMT)See the Story

Dutch singer Henny Vrienten has died

Coverage: 2 sources
Doe Maar had a string of hits in the early 1980s, including De Bom, Nederwiet, Is dit alles and Doris Day. They are considered to be one of the most successful Dutch bands of all time. Vrienten had been unwell for some time and in last September the band cancelled plans for a farewell tour.See the Story
Nijmegen · Nijmegen

Escape car of escaped tbs'ers found

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
According to the prosecution, an Amsterdammer who drove the car has nothing to do with the escape.See the Story
Dordrecht · Dordrecht

Angry farmers block waste processor HVC in Dordrecht with dozens of tractors

About 45 tractors left the Alblasserwaard for Dordrecht on Tuesday evening. There, the farmers protested unannounced at waste processor HVC because of the cabinet's nitrogen plans.See the Story

Student house emergency exit blocked by containers after quarrel between property owners

Een absurde situatie bij een studentenhuis in Rotterdam-Noord. Daar zijn twee zeecontainers pal tegen de achtergevel geplaatst waardoor de nooduitgangen van het huis niet meer te gebruiken zijn. Ook komt er nauwelijks nog daglicht naar binnen. De eigenaar van het terrein heeft het gedaan - met opzet - om te voorkomen dat de studenten nog een voet op zijn grond zetten.See the Story

Community service for discriminatory slogan Feyenoord supporter: 'You should have walked hand-in-hand with the Pink Comrades'

It looks like a kind of themed session at the court in Rotterdam. On Tuesday, four Rotterdammers stand trial for discriminatory slogans, 'in Feyenoordkringen'. It concerns Steven Berghuis's mural and the decommissioning of the COC building in Rotterdam. The suspects confess in part but each give their own twist to the story.See the Story

Gender-neutral toilets also at the Graphic Lyceum: 'Everyone must be able to be themselves'

At the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam, students can now use gender-neutral toilets. A total of fourteen toilets at the school have been made gender-neutral. The toilets are indicated by an 'X', a symbol designed by the students themselves.See the Story
Solar Power

Sustainable farmer Jasper on nitrogen plans: 'It feels like a slap in the face'

Thousands of solar panels on his roof, cows in the 'herb-rich' meadow and a low-emission stable floor. Dairy farmer Jasper from Nieuw-Lekkerland tries to farm as sustainably as possible. Yet, the nitrogen map turns inexorably yellow: a reduction of 47 percent. Throughout the Alblasserwaard, the card causes a lot of unrest among farmers. “Many farmers in the region no longer see a future.See the Story

Live blog: Feyenoord supporters to court for Berghuis drawing and embellishments

Several Feyenoord supporters will be in court on Tuesday for making discriminatory slogans. Two supporters are held responsible for an anti-Semitic mural by player Steven Berghuis in Crooswijk. That happened after he announced his departure to Ajax in July 2021.See the Story

Tip: A female nose that is not conspicuous is the most attractive

Nodule noses, bitches, crooked noses, red noses: the variation is endless. But not every woman's nose is the same, according to research by ENT doctor Floris van Zijl of the Erasmus MC. He researched what makes a nose attractive, and what shows? The most attractive nose is the one that stands out the least.See the Story

112 news: Dental office shot at night

In this post, we'll keep you up to date with the most important 112 news from the region on Tuesday, June 28.See the Story

Today's weather: a lot of sun and a weak wind

Today the day starts sunny, in the course of the day a few piles of clouds also form inland. It is 21 degrees by the sea and 23 degrees in the east of the region. Wind is moderate to brisk and coming from the southwest.See the Story

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