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Europe · Jerusalem

Israel reports first case of monkeypox, suspects others

42% Right coverage: 60 sources
Israel's Health Ministry said late Saturday the man was in a Tel Aviv hospital in good condition. It called on anyone returning from abroad with fever and lesions to see a doctor. The virus originates in primates and other wild animals and causes fever, body aches, chills and fatigue.See the Story
Europe · Paris

Air France KLM is a rights problem, 2.3 billion euros

Coverage: 6 sources
CEO Ben Smith said the move was part of efforts to "strengthen our financial autonomy" and regain strategic and operational flexibility. The second capital hike in as many years brings Europe's second largest airline closer to repaying government pandemic support. Airline partners China Eastern Airlines and Delta Air Lines will see their stakes reduced, however.See the Story
Europe · Netherlands

Most restaurants and shops do not inform well about allergens

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Some 65% of restaurants fell short of their legal duty to inform clients about the presence of allergens. Butchers, bakeries and ice cream parlours did not follow the rules in 51% of cases. Dutch food standards authority NVWA handed out 3,339 written warnings in the last year.See the Story
Tirana · Tirana

Feisty Feyenoord lose Conference League final, fans arrested in Rotterdam - DutchNews.nl

Feyenoord lost the first ever final of the Conference League competition to AS Roma 1-0 in Tirana, Albania on Wednesday night. Rotterdam police arrested 72 fans in the centre of the port city after the final when small groups of supporters went on the rampage.See the Story
Europe · Netherlands

Ministers to force councils to accept refugees, 24 buildings on hit list - DutchNews.nl

The government is planning to commandeer some 24 empty state-owned buildings to use as emergency accommodation for refugees. Three more regional reception centres will be set up, to ease pressure at Ter Apel in Groningen. Efforts to permanently solve the problem by appealing to local councils have failed to produce enough beds.See the Story
Schiphol · Schiphol

Schiphol security queues will last through the summer: Nu.nl - DutchNews.nl

The shortage of staff is affecting all parts of the airport operation. It is affecting security, check-in desks and baggage handling. Passengers have been waiting for hours and sometimes missing flights. Trade union CNV says extra help is needed to make sure no-one gets hurt. Border police should be brought in at peak periods, spokesman says.See the Story

Amsterdam unveils new coalition, with focus on equal opportunities - DutchNews.nl

PvdA, GroenLinks and D66 have agreed to join forces for a second period in office, with a management board made up of six women and three men. Plans include an increase in property taxes, but as yet it is unclear by how much. Paid parking will be brought in on Saturday and 24 hours a day in the city centre.See the Story

Public sector workers should work longer hours: SER - DutchNews.nl

Social economic council SER warns of staff shortages in the public sector. Action needs to be taken now if the current level of public services is to be maintained. Pensioners too, should be appealed to to take up the slack in many sectors, the report says. The council will publish a more detailed version of its recommendations in the autumn.See the Story
Europe · Netherlands

Minister rules out civil service 'interference' in OMT Covid reports - DutchNews.nl

Kuipers made the announcement during a debate on claims that civil servants made changes or influenced the OMT's advice. Kuipers said civil servants had only asked questions and suggested changes to the text for for clarification purposes. DutchNews.nl would like to thank all the generous readers who have made a donation in recent weeks.See the Story

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