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Russia suspending gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria
Europe · Warsaw

Russia suspending gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria

46% Center coverage: 150 sources
Officials in Poland and Bulgaria say Russia is suspending their countries’ natural gas deliveries starting on Wednesday. The suspensions would be the first since Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that “unfriendly” foreign buyers would have to pay the state-owned Gazprom in rubles instead of other currencies. See the Story
Russia condemns Lithuania transit ban to Kaliningrad, vows response
Europe · Moscow

Russia condemns Lithuania transit ban to Kaliningrad, vows response

34% Right coverage: 73 sources
Russia's security council chief Nikolai Patrushev warns of "serious" consequences over restrictions on rail transit of EU-sanctioned goods to Moscow's exclave of Kaliningrad. Retaliatory steps "will be taken in the near future. Their consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania," he says.See the Story
Lithuania: We're ready if Russia cuts us out of common power grid over Kaliningrad disruptions
Europe · Kaliningrad

Lithuania: We're ready if Russia cuts us out of common power grid over Kaliningrad disruptions

39% Right coverage: 28 sources
Lithuania imposed a ground transit ban of EU sanctioned Russian goods through its territory on Saturday, cutting off the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast. The governor of the oblast, Anton Alikhanov, said the ban will block half of all goods coming into the territory, the majority of which travel via railroad. The move comes on top of the EU flight ban of 21 Russian-certified airlines in April, preventing goods from being flown intoKaliningrad as well.See the Story

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Russian hacker group says cyber attacks continue on Lithuania

44% Right coverage: 16 sources
Pro-Russia threat-actor group Killnet claims responsibility for "intense" DDoS attacks. Killnet says attacks were in retaliation for Lithuania's recent ban of shipments to Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Lithuanian government warns of website defacements, ransomware, and other attacks.See the Story
Europe · Vilnius

Lithuanian lawmakers brand Russian actions in Ukraine as 'genocide', 'terrorism'

46% Right coverage: 13 sources
Lithuania's parliament voted unanimously on Tuesday to describe Russia's actions in Ukraine as genocide and terrorism. The motion called for a international tribunal, modelled on the Nuremberg Trials after World War Two, to prosecute suspected war crimes. Lithuania, which was once ruled from Moscow, has been among the most outspoken critics of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.See the Story
Europe · Ukraine

Lithuania crowdfunds $5.4 million to buy Ukraine a feared Bayraktar combat drone

Coverage: 4 sources
Lithuania has raised $5.4 million to buy a Bayraktar TB-2 drone for the Ukrainian military. The country's official Twitter account celebrated the milestone on Saturday. The drones are among the most modern and celebrated weapons in Ukraine's arsenal against Russia. The fundraiser was organized by Laisves TV, an online broadcaster in Lithuania founded in 2016.See the Story
Europe · Lithuania

One country holding EU 'hostage' on Russian oil embargo, Lithuania says

50% Center coverage: 4 sources
Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis says EU plans to impose an oil embargo on Russia are being blocked by just one of the bloc's 27 members.Hungary is the country that is holding out, EU diplomats said. "The whole union is being held hostage by one member state," he said.See the Story
Europe · Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War Could Last For 2 Years; Baltic States Could Be ‘Next’: Ex-PM

34% Center coverage: 3 sources
Mikhail Kasyanov was President Vladimir Putin's first prime minister from 2000-2004. He was sacked by Putin and then joined Russia's opposition. He is now the leader of the People's Freedom party, or Parnas. Earlier this month, he left the country and is now living in Europe.See the Story
Asia · Turkey

Lithuania signs agreement with Turkey to purchase Bayraktar TB2 for Ukrainian army

Turkey has gifted a Bayraktar combat drone to Lithuania to be handed over to Ukraine, journalist and public figure Andrius Tapinas said on Thursday. Last week, ordinary Lithuanians donated over 5 million euros in a fundraising campaign to purchase the drone for Ukraine. The drone will be ready within three weeks, and the Lithuanian Air Force will fly to pick it up, he said.See the Story
Europe · Lithuania

Lithuania expels Russian envoy, downgrades diplomatic ties with Moscow

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Russian consulate in Klaipda will be ordered to close. Lithuania's current ambassador to Moscow will also return to the country. Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis: "The brutality of the Russian occupation forces has gone beyond any norms of the civilised world" The Lithuanian ambassador to Ukraine is returning to Kyiv.See the Story
Ukraine · Ukraine

Lithuania hands over heavy mortars to Ukraine - KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Lithuania has sent heavy mortars worth tens of millions of euros to Ukraine, Defence Minister Arvydas Anuaauskas has said. Lithuania has also sent anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, ammunition, grenades, machine guns, submachine guns, communications equipment, etc.See the Story
Refugees · Lithuania

Amnesty issues a damning report on Lithuania’s migration centres: ‘violence and institutional racism’

Amnesty International has published a damning report, alleging dire conditions in Lithuania's migration centres. Among its findings, the human rights NGO has documented allegations of racism and violent pushbacks. In summer last year, hundreds of people, mostly from countries in Africa and the Middle East, began arriving in Lithuania via Belarus. Vilnius and Brussels accused the Minsk regime of orchestrating the migration crisis.See the Story
Cyber Security

Small-scale cyber attacks on Lithuanian institutions continue

Cyber attacks against Lithuanian state institutions and businesses continued on Tuesday. But on a smaller scale than the day before, says Jonas Skardinskas, acting head of the National Cyber Security Centre. Smaller attacks were experienced by the Municipality of Vilnius, various courts, `iaulis Bankas, the IT company Baltneta, as well as online news websites.See the Story
Europe · Kaliningrad

Sovetsk lifted bas-relief for Vydun: Lithuanian will be replaced by Russian “hussar poet”

On the afternoon of June 27 in Sovetsk (Tilge), Kaliningrad, a memorial board was removed for the Lithuanian who lived and created here...See the Story

Cannabis decriminalisation makes way in Lithuanian parliament

MPs voted to proceed with amendments to decriminalise small amounts of cannabis. Currently, possessing cannabis is a criminal offensive in Lithuania. The amendments will now be discussed in the Seimas committees. If passed, the Health Ministry would decide on what amount constitutes a small amount.See the Story

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