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Rihanna is youngest self-made billionaire in the US - Entertainment News

Coverage: 6 sources
Rihanna is the youngest self-made billionaire in the US. The 34-year-old singer made her debut on Forbes' annual billionaire's list in April. Kim Kardashian was ranked higher on the list, making 16th place. Alice Schwartz is the oldest person to make the list at the age of 95.See the Story
Middle East · Tehran

Iran Media Says Foreign Diplomats Arrested

50% Center coverage: 4 sources
Iran's Revolutionary Guards arrest several foreign diplomats, state television says. British government denies reports of arrest, describing reports as "completely false" Developments coincide with heightening tensions between Tehran and world powers over Iran's nuclear program. Over a dozen Western nationals are held in Iran in what activists argue is a policy of hostage-taking.See the Story
Kyiv · Kyiv

“They cause enormous losses.” The General Staff denied the new fake of the Russian Federation about Himars

Russian propaganda announced the destruction of two HimarsSee the Story
Military · Kyiv

Rashists turn Zaporizhzhia NPP into a military base — The Wall Street Journal

Heavy artillery batteries were deployed at the station and landed anti-personnel mines along the shores of the reservoirSee the Story
Kharkiv · Kharkiv

Aerial alarm and explosions in Kharkiv in the east

Sirens were heard in five areasSee the Story
Kyiv · Kyiv

Kadyrov called the purpose of sending his militants to Ukraine

The main task of his militants on the territory of Ukraine is not the “liberation” of the so-called republics, said the head of Chechnya.See the Story
Sumy · Sumy

Russian troops shelled Sumy region all day

As a result of enemy attacks by the Russian army, civilian infrastructure in the region was damaged.See the Story
Vladimir Putin · Kyiv

UOC and OCU signed a declaration of mutual understanding

In the Declaration, the clergy condemned the war that Putin's Russia unleashed against the sovereign people of Ukraine.See the Story

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