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Porto · Porto

TAP pilots do not advance to strike

The Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) announced that TAP pilots decided to “not strike”, justifying that they do not want to be a “scapegoat”.See the Story

Montepio. Tomás Correia says that there was never a risk warning regarding investment in PT

Tomás Correia told the Competition Court that there was never any indication of risk in the purchase of PT related bonds. Closing allegations were scheduled for Sept.See the Story
Porto · Porto

Bank valuation for house purchase rises 13.9% to 1,380 euros/m2 in May

In mortgage loan applications, the median value of the new contracts established a record valuation for real estate. In May, the median valuation was 1,380 euros per square meter.See the Story
Liz Truss · Porto

Northern Ireland. British government says law annulling parts of the Brexit Agreement is “legal and necessary”

The British government has put forward a proposal to annul parts of Brexit over Northern Ireland. The law is “legal and necessary” to “restore political stability to the province”, defends London.See the Story

British regulator investigates Wise CEO after tax default

100% Left coverage: 2 sources
Money transfer company Wise said on Monday that Britain's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched an investigation into its chief executive. Kristo K��rmann was named on a list of tax defaulters by the British tax authority (HMRC) in September last year. The investigation will come as a blow to one of the UK's highest profile fintech companies.See the Story
Porto · Porto

Registered Ukrainian unemployed already exceed 4 thousand

The number of unemployed people of Ukrainian origin enrolled in employment centers has increased 168% since the beginning of the war. ECB predicts that up to 55% of working-age refugees may enter the Eurozone labor market.See the Story
Porto · Porto

Chapellada for AE Minho!!!

Don't companies have their lives easy: bureaucracy, high tax burden, frequent changes in the legal framework, unfounded criticisms of political power? On top of all this, do you still have to hear a prime minister make unrealistic proposals about remuneration and working time?See the Story
Porto · Porto

EDP only wants suppliers that meet climate objectives

EDP has updated its climate targets and wants to reach 2040 with 90% less emissions from its value chain. To do this, it will select only the suppliers that guide your activity according to ESG criteria.See the Story
G7 · Porto

What unites and what separates the current situation from the 1970 crisis?

By the end of 1974, GDP per capita had fallen in all G7 economies and labor market conditions had worsened.See the Story
Porto · Porto

Costa wants 10 GW of energy from the sea by 2030

Between promises, announcements and withdrawals, the first day of the 2nd Oceans Conference was marked by speeches of change to combat “the emergency of the oceans”. Portuguese Prime Minister committed to four goals.See the Story
Porto · Porto

Government only raises administrative entry salaries this year

Government proposes to the unions that the increase in the entry salary of the administrative staff should have retroactive effect to January. In the case of senior technicians, who are at least licensed, the announced proposal is for January 2023.See the Story
Google · Porto

Technological drags Wall Street into negative terrain

The giants Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet - owner of Google - were mainly responsible for the retreat of the North American stock exchange this Monday.See the Story

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