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They will hold a police committee in La Moneda after shots were fired during Siches' visit to La Araucanía

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, will lead an extraordinary police committee in La Moneda this Wednesday, after the shots fired by unknown assailants during Minister Siches' visit to La Araucanía. President Boric would not be present at the instance, since it is a coordination meeting between the Interior portfolio and members of Carabineros and the Investigative Police (PDI).See the Story

Undersecretary Crispi stands out from Minister Ríos and says Celestino Córdova is a “common prisoner”

As a common prisoner, the undersecretary of Social Development, Miguel Crispi, described the machi Celestino Córdova. The representative dissociated himself from the sayings of the Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos, who avoided giving a definition of whether or not he was a political prisoner.See the Story

China needs no teachers telling it how to defend human rights, Xi says

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Xi and Bachelet held a virtual meeting a day after a leak of thousands of photographs and documents taken inside internment camps in the western region of Xinjiang. The Chinese people enjoy broader, fuller, and more comprehensive democratic rights, Xi said. The human rights of the Chinese people have been guaranteed unprecedentedly.See the Story
Military · Chile

Army Warrant Officer Sues Commander for Rape and Sexual Abuse

The institution removed the subject accused by the woman from military service for the duration of the investigation and clarification of the facts before the Public Prosecutor's Office.See the Story
Opinion · Ukraine

[Opinion] [Opinion] - Isaac Caro - Towards the decline of neutral Europe -

Isaac Caro - Three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine marks one of the most important strategic defeats...See the Story

[Opinion] [Opinion] - José Orellana - Socialist Party of Chile, internal process and external implications -

José Orellana - Co-written with Hernán García Moresco, professor at the Christian Humanism Academy UniversitySee the Story

[Opinion] [Opinion] - Dora Altbir - A new institution for science and technology -

Dora Altbir - A year ago, invited to contribute ideas for a book with public policy proposals in science and technology, and...See the Story

[Opinión] - Fanny Pollarollo Villa - La doctrina de la seguridad nacional sigue viva en los cuarteles -

Fanny Pollarollo Villa - El almirante (r) Miguel Ángel Vergara no estaba sólo en la Liga Marítima de Chile cuando ante un selecto público...See the Story

[Opinion] [Opinion] - Andrés Kogan Valderrama - Plurinationality for all in Chile -

Andrés Kogan Valderrama - If one were to say what is one of the central and most controversial points of the constituent discussion that...See the Story

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