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FDA investigating hepatitis A outbreak possibly linked to strawberries
US & Canada · Washington

FDA investigating hepatitis A outbreak possibly linked to strawberries

62% Center coverage: 103 sources
The strawberries are past shelf life, but the FDA is warning Americans to check their freezers in case the affected brand was purchased and then frozen for later use. The strawberries were branded as FreshKampo and HEB and would've been purchased between March 5, 2022, and April 25, 2022. So far, 17 people have reported hepatitis A infections in three states.See the Story
Supreme Court overturns Roe: What happens now?
US & Canada · Washington

Supreme Court overturns Roe: What happens now?

48% Center coverage: 116 sources
On Friday, June 24, the United States Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. Gov. Kay Ivey, outgoing Senator Richard Shelby and Republican nominee for Senate Katie Britt were all quick to respond to the court's historic decision. Senator Shelby claimed the 1973 decision was unconstitutional. Congressman Jerry Carl said that life is a gift from God and every life is worth protecting.See the Story
Missing 10-year-old Wisconsin girl found dead, police open homicide investigation
US & Canada · Wisconsin

Missing 10-year-old Wisconsin girl found dead, police open homicide investigation

47% Center coverage: 49 sources
Illiana Peters was last seen by family members Sunday evening. Her father contacted police at 9 p.m. after he said she had not returned from a visit to her aunt. A bicycle believed to belong to the girl was found in the woods a short distance from her aunt's house. The Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation determined the incident did not meet the criteria for an Amber Alert.See the Story


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Animals · Wisconsin

Wisconsin couple kills bear that attacked them in their home

56% Center coverage: 43 sources
A black bear broke into a Wisconsin home and attacked a husband and wife. The husband eventually got a gun and shot the bear, killing it. The bear was identified as an adult female and had a cub with her at the time. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources took possession of the bear for testing.See the Story
US & Canada

Attempted murder charges laid following Aurora double-stabbing

67% Center coverage: 9 sources
Timothy Amacher, 41, and Colleen Larson, 24, have been charged with 1st-degree, premeditated attempted murder. Lenway, 33, was shot in the arm and in the neck, with the latter causing major internal injuries including a perforated lung, but she should survive.See the Story

Minnesota, Iowa father-son duo sentenced for US Capitol attack

57% Center coverage: 7 sources
Daniel Johnson, of Austin, Minnesota, has been sentenced to four months in jail. He entered a guilty plea to the civil disorder charges in January. His father, Daryl Johnson, from St. Ansgar, Iowa, also plead guilty. Both admitted to rushing a line of police officers to aid in opening the Capitol building's doors.See the Story
US & Canada

Florida politicians react to leaked opinion signaling likely end to Roe v. Wade

74% Center coverage: 8 sources
Leaked draft opinion suggests that the federal law protecting the right to abortion is about to be repealed. Minnesota's Governor Tim Walz to issue a statement saying: "Not on my watch" If Roe v. Wade is indeed repealed, it would make abortion immediately illegal in 12 states, among them the Dakotas.See the Story
US & Canada

First cruise ship in 10 years arrives in foggy Duluth

60% Center coverage: 5 sources
The 665-foot Viking Octantis passed beneath Duluth's famous Aerial Lift Bridge just after 6 a.m., with video from the Duluth Harbor Cam showing the ghostly moment. The ship, which carries just under 400 passengers, is currently on a 15-day tour of all the Great Lakes.See the Story
US & Canada · Minneapolis

Body of missing U of M student found in Mississippi River

42% Center coverage: 7 sources
Austin Retterath, 19, was reported missing on May 8. He was last seen alive in the area of East River Road and Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. Police say they suspect no foul play in the teen's death. The University of Minnesota student was a junior at the school.See the Story
Floods · Crookston

Minnesota National Guard called up to help in flood threat

80% Center coverage: 5 sources
Floodwaters from the Red Lake River have already overflowed numerous roads and highways. The Red River is forecast to rise from its current height of 34.5 feet to 38 feet by Thursday. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has declared a peacetime emergency and authorized the Minnesota National Guard to assist.See the Story
US & Canada · Maple Grove

1 dead after altercation between motorists in Maple Grove

60% Left coverage: 5 sources
One person is dead after an altercation between motorists in Maple Grove. Police say one of the people involved in the altercated fired a shot "toward the other vehicle" No information about the victim or shooter's identity has been released, nor is there any description of the vehicles involved.See the Story
Antisemitism · Minnesota

MN GOP apologizes over antisemitic sequence in candidate's campaign video

Coverage: 6 sources
Republican Party Chair David Hann says the party understands concerns that the imagery perpetuated an antisemitic trope. The image was contained in a video shown by secretary of state candidate Kim Crockett. The faces on the puppets were DFL elections attorney Marc Elias and Secretary of State Steve Simon.See the Story
US & Canada · Columbia Heights

Teen pleads guilty in shooting death of 15-year-old girl in Columbia Heights

75% Center coverage: 4 sources
Damico Jamal-Toyko High, now 17, pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. Prosecutors say he was "showing off" his gun before it fired, fatally striking Derryanna Deashia Davis. High faces just under five years in prison if he fails to meet the terms of his juvenile sentence.See the Story
Floods · Malaysia

30 people evacuated as flooding hammers small town

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
It's assumed that at least eight inches of rain fell in Randall, with more heavy rain expected Friday night into Saturday morning.See the Story

Planned Parenthood suspends abortion services in WI due to 173-year-old law

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
The U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade on Friday. Trigger bans on abortion were implemented immediately in a handful of states. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has been forced to temporarily suspend abortion services due to a 173-year-old law that was believed to be activated by the decision.See the Story

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