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Europe · Washington

Monkeypox spreads in West, baffling African scientists

62% Center coverage: 81 sources
Cases of the smallpox-related disease have previously been seen only among people with links to central and West Africa. In the past week, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, U.S., Sweden and Canada all reported infections. Most of the cases involve men who have had sex with men.See the Story
Europe · Mariupol'

Russia claims to have taken full control of Mariupol

54% Center coverage: 111 sources
More than 1,700 defenders of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol have surrendered. Red Cross says it has gathered personal information from hundreds of the soldiers. Ukrainian president vows to seek international help to save them. Russian authorities have threatened to investigate some of the fighters for war crimes.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Biden's approval dips to lowest of presidency: AP-NORC poll

69% Center coverage: 80 sources
Only 39% of U.S. adults approve of Biden's performance as president, according to the poll. Of particular concern for Biden ahead of the midterm elections, his approval among Democrats stands at 73%. In AP-NORC polls conducted in 2021, Biden's approval rating among Democrats never dropped below 82%.See the Story
US & Canada

Final-hour rally yanks Wall Street from maw of bear market

52% Center coverage: 21 sources
The S&P 500 index was down as much as 2.3% for the day before a furious comeback in the final hour of trading. The tumultuous trading capped a seventh straight losing week, its longest such streak since 2001. Rising interest rates, high inflation, the war in Ukraine, and aslowdown in China's economy are all punishing stocks.See the Story
US & Canada · Bloomfield Hills

Oakland County teacher on leave after assignment depicts Barack Obama alongside primates

46% Left coverage: 22 sources
The Roeper School in Birmingham, Michigan, was closed on Thursday after threats were made online. The biology teacher is on administrative leave as officials sort through the debacle. The assignment showed pictures of several animals and Obama, and asked students, which of the following are primates? The worksheet originated from Duke University where a pair of undergraduate students created it.See the Story

Paralyzed man uses microchip in his brain to drive car

87% Center coverage: 8 sources
After a car crash left him paralyzed nine years ago, newly-developed technology has allowed a man to drive again.See the Story
Murder · Indianapolis

Murder suspect back in custody 11 hours after accidentally being released from custody

75% Center coverage: 4 sources
Noah Edwards was taken back into custody early Friday morning, police say. Edwards was arrested on a preliminary charge of murder in the April 18 shooting of a 32-year-old man. Sheriff Kerry Forestal said he fully expects one or more employees to be terminated because of the mistake.See the Story

Kings Island permanently closes ride at park

100% Center coverage: 2 sources
The ride opened at Kings Island in 2002. It was described as a two-person capsule that propels riders into the air up to 100 mph. The ride's manufacturer, Funtime, also built the Orlando Freefall ride at Icon Park in Florida. A 14-year-old fell to his death while riding the FreeFall in March.See the Story

TinCaps to honor Daisies at Saturday’s game

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
Players will wear jerseys reminiscent of those worn by the Fort Wayne Daisies of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The uniforms from Saturday's contest are being sold via auction to raise money for a proposed Fort WayneDaisies monument. Bidding will continue through the weekend at the Minor League Baseball website.See the Story

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