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Book trade award: Peace Prize goes to Ukrainian author Serhij Zhadan

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Serhiy Zhadan has just been awarded the German Peace Prize for his artistic work and humanitarian work. The prize is awarded annually by the German Publishers and Booksellers Association, who also cite the way Zhadan’s writing illustrates how the people of Ukraine defy the violence around them.See the Story
Bar · Bar

Mysterious deaths in a bar: young people poisoned?

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
South African police were combing through an informal ghetto bar in East London on Monday.See the Story
Turkey · Turkey

Staff shortages at airports: disaster with announcement

The federal government wants to hire temporary workers from Turkey to speed up clearance at airports. It's not a good idea.See the Story
Albania · Albania

Wild River Vjosa in Albania: A New Order National Park

Albania wants to declare the wild river Vjosa and all tributaries a protected area. The planned hydropower plants are now off the table.See the Story
Taliban · Afghanistan

Opposition in Afghanistan: Pinpricks against Taliban

There is resistance in Afghanistan, but it remains fragmented and weak. This is due to war exhaustion and the corruption of the previous government.See the Story

High Culture in Odessa: Symphonies and Sirens

The artists have been working towards the reopening of the opera for a long time. Pieces by Chopin or Minkus are now sounding out again in Odessa.See the Story

Inflationsbonus-Plan: Lohnpolitik geht Scholz nichts an

Eine Einmalzahlung für Beschäftigte ist keine schlechte Idee. Doch sie ist Sache der Tarifpartner. Scholz bringt sie nur wegen Lindner ein.See the Story

Novel “The Synthetic Heart”: When Market Laws Apply Everywhere

In her novel “The Synthetic Heart”, Chloé Delaume depicts disastrous non-love adventures. In doing so, she disenchants the noble literary scene.See the Story

Geostrategy in the Ukraine War: Europe in a dilemma

Russia is at war with the West. Time to talk about the geostrategic goals of the Western Allies — as well as arms deliveries.See the Story
Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz for new gas project: Brazen misdirection

The chancellor is misleading the public by claiming that new gas and oil projects could remedy the impending gas shortage.See the Story

Scholz's proposal on high inflation: Only once more money

Bonus instead of tariff increase? The Chancellery's proposal to employers and trade unions remains vague at first. Nevertheless, he is already met with criticism.See the Story
Conservation · Nairobi

Nature conservation fails in Nairobi: After all, they continue to talk

Negotiations on a new species protection agreement end disappointingly. Member states cannot agree on goals.See the Story

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