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Europe · London

UK ‘partygate’ report blames culture of Johnson’s office

Coverage: 57 sources
A report into lockdown-breaching U.K. government parties published Wednesday said blame for a “culture” of rule-breaking in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office must rest with those at the top.See the Story
Business · Washington

Twitter to pay $150M penalty over privacy of users' data

39% Center coverage: 53 sources
Twitter Inc. has agreed to pay $150 million in civil penalties to resolve allegations. The social media giant failed to protect users' data privacy in line with a 2011 agreement with the FTC. The settlement will resolve allegations that Twitter violated the FTC Act and an administrative order issued by the FTC in 2011.See the Story
Macky Sall · Dakar

Senegal president says 11 newborn babies die in a fire at regional hospital

37% Center coverage: 27 sources
Senegal's President Macky Sall said on Wednesday that 11 newborn babies died in a fire at the neonatal section of a regional hospital. The hospital is in the town of Tivaouane, around 120 km (74.56 miles) east of the capital Dakar.See the Story
Europe · Washington

G7 scrambles to keep climate agenda on track as Ukraine war roils energy supplies

55% Right coverage: 11 sources
Ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) countries want to reaffirm a commitment to cap global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. The group will also consider committing to a phase-out of coal power generation by 2030, according to a draft communique. The draft could change considerably by the time talks conclude on Friday.See the Story
Europe · Kyiv

Ukraine says Russia shells more than 40 towns in Donbas push

60% Right coverage: 10 sources
Russia is trying to take full control of the Donbas, comprised of two eastern provinces Moscow claims on behalf of separatists. Russia has poured thousands of troops into the region, attacking from three sides in an attempt to encircle Ukrainian forces holding out in the city of Sievierodonetsk and twin Lysychansk.See the Story
Trade · Philippines

Marcos says Philippines to uphold South China Sea ruling

50% Center coverage: 4 sources
Marcos indicated he would seek to strike a balance between China and the United States. His father and namesake ruled the Philippines for 20 years, presiding over widespread corruption and human rights abuses before he was ousted in 1986. The United States has a complex relationship with the Philippines - and the Marcos family.See the Story
Los Angeles, California · Los Angeles

Texas massacre shocks, but gunfire at U.S. schools at record high

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Gunfire at U.S. schools is at a record high, with a gun being discharged on a school property almost every day this year. There have been 137 shooting incidents at schools so far this year - almost one a day - and 249 last year. The three deadliest school shootings have all taken place in the last decade.See the Story

Global LNG markets brace for unknowns ahead of winter

100% Center coverage: 3 sources
Western sanctions on Russia due to the Ukraine invasion have sparked fears of disruption of Russian gas supply to Europe. It remains unclear whether there will be further cuts in Russian supplies to Europe, the executives said. Also uncertain is whether Europe can build new LNG import infrastructure in time to replace massive Russian volumes.See the Story
Philippines · Philippines

Philippines' Marcos vows to thwart interference from outside powers

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Ferdinand Marcos says he will stand up to any Chinese encroachment in the South China Sea. The 64-year-old, who swept this month's election with 59% of the vote, is expected to lean towards China. A pro-China stance could complicate the close relationship with historic ally the United States.See the Story

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