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Uzbekistan · Uzbekistan

What we know about protests in Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan region

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced that the status of the Republic of Karakalpakstan would remain unchanged. The announcement came after protests escalated over the weekend in and around the capital, Nukus. The protests followed the release of a draft constitutional referendum that would have extended presidential terms and revoked the republic's autonomy. KarakAlpakstan has a population of just under 2 million or a little over 5% of Uzbekistan's more than 36 million people.See the Story

Forest fire in Silivri

Forest fire in Silivri - Forest fire broke out in Istanbul Silivri. The fire was extinguished by the work of fire crews and citizens.See the Story

Details of MEB's assignment of 20,000 contract teachers become clear

Fields, base scores and quotas for the appointment of 20 thousand contract teachers by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) became clear. On the other hand, it was noted that the branch in which the most appointments would be made is preschool teaching.See the Story

Uyarıları dinlemeyip denizde kaybolan İsmail aranıyor

Uyarıları dinlemeyip denizde kaybolan İsmail aranıyor - Trabzon'un Of ilçesinde dün akşam arkadaşlarıyla birlikte girdiği dalgalı denizde akıntıya kapılan İsmail Mete (19) kayboldu. Arama çalışmaları sürerken, dün gece bölgede devriye atan Sahil Güvenlik ekibinin uyarısıyla Mete ve arkadaşlarının denizden çıktığı, ekibin bölgeden ayrılmasının ardından grubun yeniden suya girdiği ve olayın yaşandığı belirtildi.See the Story
Social Media

Aydan Şener, 59, who shared her bikini pose, dazzled with her physique

The 59-year-old master actress Aydan Şener, who has defied years with her beauty and impeccable physique, shared her bikini pose on her social media account. Many social media users who saw Şener's physique have railed comments and likes on the post.See the Story
Erdogan · Turkey

President Erdogan announced after Cabinet! NTE reserve to save Turkey million dollars

After the Cabinet Meeting, President Erdogan noted that Eskişehir Beylikova, one of Turkey's rare element sites, is the second largest reserve area in the world after China. At the stage, they announced that they would set up a production plant to process 1200 tons of ore annually.See the Story

Citizen's heart-burning site that takes coins out of his pocket! İmamoğlu did not know what to say

In Çekmeköy, a citizen who came to İBB President Ekrem İmamoglu, who listened to citizens' questions at the district market, showed a handful of coins he had taken out of his pocket and rebelled. The citizen, who showed two bags in his hand to Imamoglu, said, “This is what I get from the market today. Should I open my pocket? I had 25 pounds of money, and I took it from my daughter.”See the Story

Event words from Acun Ilcalıci to Aziz Yıldırımm! Fenerbahçe supporters revolted

Acun Ilicali, owner of Hull City, made important statements about his team and Fenerbahçe special. Sainting that debris was left to Ali Koch from the Aziz Yıldırım period, Ilical said, “I don't know the numbers by heart, but there was information I received during the Win-Win campaign. I took a look, there's a terrible debt already.See the Story

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