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Target Energy-Poor Neighbourhoods with Schemes to Retrofit Homes, says Dublin’s Energy Agency

A report from Codema combined a map showing home energy ratings with one showing levels of deprivation, to identify 17 energy-poor areas in the city.See the Story

For Immigrants, Travelling to and from Ireland With Their Children Can Be Frustrating, and Sometimes Scary

Kids can’t get Irish residence permits or re-entry visas, and it’s a long road to citizenship. Without Irish documents, crossing the border can be tricky.See the Story

As Trinity Climbs World’s Academic Rankings Again, Students Ask for More Help with Their Mental-Health

In March, the average wait to get an initial assessment from its student counselling service was about 11 days, and for a follow-up appointment, another 25.See the Story

After Her Father Died, the Council’s Cut to Woman’s Housing Subsidy Is Forcing Her From Their Home

April Mooney says the subsidy the council’s offering her on her own isn’t enough to stay, or to get another place, so the council advised her to go into homeless accommodation.See the Story

Ryanair’s South African-ness Quiz Just the Latest Problem Caused by Making Airlines Act as Border Guards

The airline has been making South Africans flying to Dublin take a test in Afrikaans – for some the oppressor’s language – before allowing them to board.See the Story
Department of Justice

Irish Residence Permit Delays Ruin Many Non-EU Migrants’ Plans to Travel in Europe, for Work or Pleasure

But the Department of Justice last Friday changed its policy to allow people to apply earlier to renew their permits, which might help a bit.See the Story

Could Residents Swap Their On-Street Car-Parking Space for a Household BikeBunker?

“I understand that it’s public realm, no one owns it, and you’re paying for the privilege, but why can’t cyclists pay for the privilege as motorists can?”See the Story

Retrofitting Listed Council Flats Cheaper Than New Build, Pilot Suggests

The pilot at Ballybough House transformed two old, run-down council flats into a larger, modern A-rated home. It could be replicated elsewhere.See the Story

When the National Gallery Hired Aramark to Run Its Cafe, a Group of Art Students Changed Course to React

The new version of their project, now called “Tender”, involves distributing postcards that people can send to the gallery to share their views on the situation.See the Story

What’s Driving the EU’s Criticism of Cash-for-Citizenship and Cash-for-Residency Schemes?

The European Parliament recently voted to demand a ban on the sale of European passports, and to tighten access to residency-via-investment schemes, like Ireland’s.See the Story

In Europe’s Asylum System, Victims of Climate Change Fight for Recognition – and Lose Often

In two cases in Ireland, people asked for refuge here saying their homes had been ravaged by climate change and so they could not go back. Both were refused.See the Story

Looming Closure of Artists’ Studios in Fairview Would Deepen Citywide Shortage

Twenty artists are facing eviction from the Richmond Road Studios, but it’s unclear where they could go. Other studios are full – and have long waiting lists.See the Story

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