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Anti-Vax Leader Urges Followers to Drink Their Own Urine to Fight COVID

19 days ago·Washington, United States
General Summary
Christopher Key, who calls himself the 'vaccine police' is in the news again for suggesting a rather 'gross' cure for COVID. Key urged his anti-vaxxers followers to 'drink their own urine' to cure COVID in a video that has gone viral on Twitter. The video was posted on his Telegram account.
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Political Wire

Anti-Vaxxer Urges Followers to Drink Their Own Urine

Anti-vaccine leader Christopher Key told his followers they could cure Covid-19 by drinking their own urine, the Daily Beast reports.Said Key, in a view over the weekend: "The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy. OK, and I know to a lot of you

19 days ago·New York, United States
Daily Kos

Anti-Vaccination Advocate Tells Followers to Drink Their Own Urine

The extent that anti-vaccination leaders are taking their flocks over a cliff has been shown again as Christopher Key, of the “Vaccine Police”, released a video advocating avoiding Covid-19 by drinking one’s own urine, according to the Daily Beast....

19 days ago·United States
MEAWW Entertainment

Christopher Key: Anti-vaxxer trolled for urging followers to drink urine to cure Covid

'The antidote that we have seen now, and we have tons and tons of research, is urine therapy,' Key said in a video posted over the weekend

19 days ago
The Daily Beast

Anti-Vax Leader to Followers: Drink Your Pee to Fight COVID

Christopher Key’s crowd doesn’t seem sold on the idea.

19 days ago·United States
Ownership:IAC (company)
IBTimes Singapore

Christopher Key: Anti-Vaxxer Trolled for Suggesting 'Drinking Urine' as COVID Cure

Christopher Key claimed that the COVID vaccine is the 'worst bioweapon' he has ever seen.

19 days ago·Singapore
Ownership:IBT Media
indy100- Independent

Anti-vaxxer says people can drink their own pee to protect against coronavirus

Anti-vaxxer Christopher Key has added to the list of bizarre suggestions for people to attempt to combat coronavirus - and now says that drinking urine could be protective.

19 days ago

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