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Latest News Stories

Abortion · Florida

Gov. DeSantis calls SCOTUS leak a 'judicial insurrection'

81% Right coverage: 16 sources
Gov. Ron DeSantis called the leak of the first draft of U.S. Supreme Court decisions on whether or not to overturn Roe v. Wade a "judicial insurrection". The draft, authored by conservative Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, entered the national news circuits around 8 p.m. Monday. In the day after the draft was leaked, politicians across the political spectrum have weighed in on the abortion draft decision.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

John Durham Wins Fight to Get Some Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS Documents

100% Right coverage: 15 sources
Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suffered another loss in court as Judge Christopher Cooper granted a motion by Special Counsel John Durham's team to review communications Clinton Campaign lawyers are trying to bury using attorney-client privilege. In a Durham win, the judge in Sussmann case will review dozens of records currently withheld due to assertions of attorney- client privilege.See the Story
Black Lives Matter · Tallahassee

MSNBC's Joy Reid accuses Ron DeSantis of 'child abuse' after black kids hold up anti-CRT signs

92% Right coverage: 13 sources
"This mis-use of Black boys is tantamount to child abuse," Reid tweeted. "I would really like to hear the back-story on who these kids were and how they wound up at a DeSantis event. Given how anti-Black DeSantis is, using Black children this way is extra sick."See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Hillary Clinton on Roe draft: ‘You have no idea who they will come for next’

38% Right coverage: 8 sources
Alabama already has a law in place, designed to challenge Roe v. Wade, that would most likely make almost all abortions illegal immediately. Eric Johnston, a Birmingham attorney who authored the 2019 abortion ban in question, said the process would move very quickly if the final opinion matches exactly the leaked opinion.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Look: Video Of Kamala Harris Shooting Basketball Goes Viral

75% Right coverage: 8 sources
On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris visited American University to celebrate the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Title IX. See the Story
Krystle Matthews · South Carolina

Listen: South Carolina Democrat Senate Candidate Krystle Matthews Pushes ‘Sleeper’ Republicans in Leaked Call

100% Right coverage: 9 sources
Democrat South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Krystle Matthews, who serves as a state representative, appeared to advocate for “sleeper” Republican candidates and funding campaigns with illegal dope money in what is claimed to be a leaked call.See the Story
Proud Boys · Portland

Portland Journalist Who Covered Antifa and Proud Boy Clashes Arrested For Alleged Vandalism, Arson at Synagogues and a Mosque

50% Right coverage: 8 sources
A journalist who covered the 2020 Antifa and Proud Boy violence in Portland was arrested and charged with vandalizing synagogues and trying to set fire to a mosque.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

‘I Can’t Believe You’ve Been Nominated’: Sen Hawley Grills Biden Judicial Nominee Over Her Work For Southern Poverty Law Center

100% Right coverage: 7 sources
Josh Hawley grilled Nancy Abudu, Biden’s judicial nominee for the Eleventh Circuit, for her involvement with the Southern Poverty Law (SPLC) Center Wednesday.See the Story
US & Canada · New York

CNBC’s Rick Santelli Flies Off The Handle, Hammers Biden’s Inflationary Energy Policies

86% Right coverage: 7 sources
CNBC editor Rick Santelli unloaded on the Biden administration on CNBC's Squawk Box Friday morning. Santelli said anti-fossil fuel policies helped to spur inflation. The Biden administration revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in January 2021 and canceled plans for offshore lease sales.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

‘That’s Not True’: CNN’s Jake Tapper Rips Biden Admin For ‘Politicizing The Pandemic’

60% Right coverage: 5 sources
CNN’s Jake Tapper ripped President Joe Biden’s administration Friday for stating a false claim about the COVID-19 pandemic.See the Story
Twitter · Washington

Ted Cruz under fire for ‘Girls Gone Wild’ bikini comments on AOC and Elizabeth Warren

67% Left coverage: 6 sources
‘Just a couple of normal dudes reminiscing about the sex crime videos,’ a Twitter user wrote.See the Story

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