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US & Canada · Washington

Rates of attempted suicide sink where hate crime laws protect LGBTQ+ people: study

80% Center coverage: 5 sources
A new study finds teen suicide attempts dipped by an average of 16% in states that enacted hate crime laws. The positive effect was seen among both LGBTQ and heterosexual teens. The findings come at a time of rising concern about teen mental health.Acupuncture may help prevent tension headaches, a Chinese study found.See the Story
College Students

Rising parental expectations linked to perfectionism in college students

67% Center coverage: 3 sources
Rising parental expectations and criticism are linked to an increase in perfectionism among college students, which can have damaging mental health consequences, according to new research.See the Story

People less outraged by gender discrimination caused by algorithms

100% Center coverage: 4 sources
People are less morally outraged when gender discrimination occurs because of an algorithm rather than direct human involvement, according to new research.See the Story
Social Media

Lies that 'might' eventually come true seem less unethical

100% Center coverage: 3 sources
People may be willing to condone statements they know to be false and even spread misinformation on social media if they believe those statements could become true in the future, according to new research.See the Story
Politics · Washington

Teens stopped by police more likely to disengage from school, study shows

100% Center coverage: 2 sources
“Police officers use their own discretion to decide which people to stop and frisk in their aim to reduce crime,” lead researcher Juan Del Toro said in a news release. “However, many of these practices result in racial disparities in policing and stop-and-frisks.See the Story

Study finds denying existence of structural racism is linked to anti-black prejudice

100% Center coverage: 2 sources
People who deny the existence of institutional racism are more likely to display anti-Black prejudice. Researchers analyzed 83 previous studies on racism that included more than 25,000 participants. Study authors concluded that following colorblind racial ideology would not be effective in reducing inter-racial tension and prejudice.See the Story

For cooperative teams, modesty leaves the best impression

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
People may forgo displaying luxury brands and other signals of status when they want to convince others that they will collaborate well with a team, as people who signal their wealth and social status could be perceived as uncooperative, according to new research.See the Story

Hormonal contraceptives alter amphetamine place preference and responsivity in the intact female rat.

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
See the Story

Black participants, regardless of how strongly they identified racially, perceived a Black Atheist as "less Black" and less trustworthy than a Black Christian or someone whose religious affiliation was unknown.

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When mass shootings fail to change minds about the causes of violence: How gun beliefs shape causal attributions.

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People think politicians, celebrities and public figures who try to "not take sides" in controversial issues are deceptive and untrustworthy. Across 11 experiments, researchers found that not taking sides can harm one's reputation as much or more as disag

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