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US & Canada · Uvalde

Texas gunman wrote online post about attacking school minutes before massacre

54% Center coverage: 109 sources
The Texas gunman who murdered 19 children and two teachers posted on Facebook that he was going to shoot up an elementary school about 15 minutes before his rampage, Governor Greg Abbott said on Wednesday, as harrowing details about the attack continued to emerge.See the Story
Europe · London

UK ‘partygate’ report blames culture of Johnson’s office

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A report into lockdown-breaching U.K. government parties published Wednesday said blame for a “culture” of rule-breaking in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office must rest with those at the top.See the Story

Shakira will go to trial in Spain for $15.5 million fraud

60% Left coverage: 5 sources
Although she has already paid the amount claimed by that country's Tax Agency, the Barcelona Court dismissed the singer's appeal to avoid being triedSee the Story

The 'Cuco' and his mother admit that they lied to the court in the case of Marta del Castillo

Coverage: 4 sources
After reading the prosecution's indictment, the defendants have merely admitted the facts and did not want to answer the questions; the judge now only admits the testimony of the young woman's parents but not that of CarcañoSee the Story
Calahorra · Calahorra

Two dead and 250 children evacuated after an explosion at a biodiesel plant in Calahorra (La Rioja)

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The Government Delegation reports that minors are wellSee the Story
Pakistan · Pakistan

The father of the murdered sisters of Terrassa says he had nothing to do with the trip to Pakistan

Coverage: 2 sources
The head of the parent testifies to the Mossos, who are investigating whether any family member was necessary cooperative in deceiving the young womenSee the Story

A man dies in Torremolinos stabbed by another

The aggressor, 57, attacked the victim, 50, after an argument in a bar in the town of MalagaSee the Story

Renfe licita al fin la ampliación de andenes de la estación de Rodalies de Arc de Triomf

Si nada lo evita, como sucedió en 2017, las obras podrían empezar en el primer trimestre de 2023. El proyecto permitirá incrementar un 30% la capacidad de los trenes de la R1, R3 y R4See the Story
Sanctions · North Korea

Alejandro Cao de Benós: 10 things to know about the man 'most wanted' by the FBI

'CONSPIRATOR' IN FAVOR OF NORTH KOREA Born in Tarragona in 1974, he is accused of helping the Government of Piongyang to dodge sanctions through cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. According to the United States, he would face up to 20 years in prison. TRAFFICKER AND CYBERCRIMINAL...See the Story

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