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Marvel Studios

Gorr the God Butcher is coming for Thor in new Love and Thunder trailer

43% Right coverage: 14 sources
Marvel Studios released the official full trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder last night. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Christian Bale. Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role as the Grandmaster, Melissa McCarthy will play Hela. Russell Crowe will make a cameo appearance as Zeus.See the Story

Creator of popular kids' YouTube channel slams federal online-streaming bill

67% Left coverage: 3 sources
Morghan Fortier says her channel Super Simple Songs is the most-watched Canadian YouTube channel. Fortier: Bill C-11 mistakes platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and TikTok for broadcasters like CBC and Netflix. She says broadcast laws should be modernized but the bill is too overreaching.See the Story
Animals · Kingston

Horrifying video of a lion biting off a man's finger

Coverage: 17 sources
The incident occurred at Jamaica Zoo and involved a zoo attendant. In the short video, the man sticks his fingers through a fence with the large lion sitting on the other side. The man appears to be trying to pet the lion or otherwise get the creature's attention. That works, but perhaps not in the way he intended as the lion eventually locks on to the man's finger.See the Story

One Piece Film Red: Marine & World Government Designs Unveiled

The official YouTube channel for the upcoming One Piece Film Red anime film posted a new video on Wednesday showing the film's character designs for the Marine and World Government characters. The film will center on a new character named Uta, Shanks' daughter. One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda himself is serving as executive producer.See the Story

Final Fantasy X’s Wakka memes resurface after a YouTube Poop music video goes viral - AUTOMATON WEST

Wakka from Final Fantasy X has suddenly resurfaced as a meme in Japan. The origins of the new meme sensation trace back to a fan-made video called "Oto-Wak" (おとわっか), with the lines Wakka said in the video spreading on social media.See the Story

Did YouTube TV Just Back Off From Its Specious '$750 Cheaper Than Cable' Claim?

YouTube TV ran new 15-second spot suggesting its service delivers "more than cable for less than cable" Last week, Next TV kicked the tires on YouTube TV's specious claim. It was hard to find an average cost for cable TV/video, especially in an era in which cable operators are more focused on high-speed internet service.See the Story

Views 2.4 million times, YouTube Thai shows off 'Grilled Geckoo'

Views 2.4 million times, YouTube Thai shows off the menu R...See the Story

[Opinion] YouTube CEO Touts Abortion and Platform’s Censorship, Pays Lip Service to ‘Free Speech’ at WEF

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki proudly described her company’s censorship efforts and her pro-abortion stance during an interview at the annual World Economic Forum conference on Tuesday. Meanwhile, both she and another YouTube executive claimed that the platform is “open” or pro-free speech.See the Story

Gabe Davis Futures and OTAs

Join the Voice and the KING LIVE at 8pm as they talk about Gabriel Davis and whether or not we are buying or selling on him being the #2 Wide Receiver. Also talking the Jordan Poyer contract dispute as well as live action football, press conferences and OTAs happening at 1 Bills Drive.See the Story

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