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NATO · Finland

NATO exit from Çavuşoğlu: “If they do not comply with the memorandum...”

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu answered questions on the issues on the agenda on the NTV live broadcast. They must comply with this document regarding the tripartite memorandum signed with Sweden and Finland. He used statements that we will not take them to NATO if they do not comply. aip2 ('PageStructure', {"PageType” :"other”, "PageCategory” :"sozcu”, "PageIdentifier” :" "}, ' the Story

Forest fire at 53 points in Greece: 4 villages evacuated

Forest fire at 53 points in Greece: 4 villages evacuated - 4 villages were evacuated yesterday due to forest fires that broke out at 53 points in Greece.See the Story
Kadıköy · Kadıköy

Alcohol fight in Kadıköy Metro: Passengers interrupted

Alcohol fight in Kadıköy Metro: Passengers intermingled - There was an argument in Kadıköy on the grounds that a passenger was drinking alcohol in the metro. The discussion between the parties that started verbally turned into a fight. It was reflected on the citizen's cell phone camera.See the Story

Specialist sergeant martyred in Paw-Lock Operation - Olay Newspaper Bursa

Serhat Bal, a straight-specialist sergeant who served in the area of the Paw-Lock Operation, was martyred.See the Story

'Places don't get dirty' he took off his muddy shoes as he entered the co-op

Rafet Burukoğlu, 78, who finished his work in the field in Mudurnu district of Bolu and went to the Beet Cooperative to buy medicines, took his shoes off the building so that the places were not contaminated.See the Story

Shipment of troops and vehicles from Russia to the east of the Euphratic

Russia carried out military shipments to the airport in Kamishli district, which is largely under occupation by the terrorist organization YPG/PKK, in the province of Haseke, east of the Euphratic region.See the Story
Izmir, Turkey · Izmir

Victim slaughter prices announced in Izmir

Ahead of Eid al-Adha, Aliağa Chamber of Artisans and Artisans announced the prices of sacrificial slaughter.See the Story

Boğulma tehlikesi geçirenleri kurtarmak isterken hayatını kaybetti

İzmir’in Foça ilçesinde, denizde boğulma tehlikesi geçirenleri kurtarmaya çalışan bir kişi boğularak yaşamını yitirdi.See the Story

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