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Latest News Stories

US & Canada · Washington

Joe Rogan Backs Ron DeSantis as a 'Good' President Over 'Dead' Joe Biden

73% Right coverage: 22 sources
Joe Rogan says Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis "would work as a good president" Rogan is the world's No. 1 most-listened podcaster. He said he supports the governor because of his handling of the COVID pandemic. DeSantas has said he's focused on his 2022 reelection race.See the Story
Education · Ithaca

Cornell University removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust from library after alleged complaint

100% Right coverage: 19 sources
A bust of President Abraham Lincoln and a plaque of the Gettysburg address have been removed from a Cornell University library. See the Story
US & Canada · Phoenix

Halsey Claps Back to Defend Concert Speech on Abortion Rights

50% Left coverage: 14 sources
Halsey gave an impassioned speech about the recent US Supreme Court ruling about abortion rights. The singer urged attendees to promise to put in the work amid the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark ruling. If you don't like it, I don't know why you came to a Halsey concert, they said.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Fauci says he is experiencing ‘rebound’ of COVID symptoms after Paxlovid treatment

40% Right coverage: 15 sources
Anthony Fauci contracted Covid earlier this month. He was prescribed Paxlovid due to his age -- 81 -- which puts him at high risk of developing complications. He reverted to negative on an antigen test for three days in a row, he said. On the fourth day, just to be ...See the Story
Europe · London

Halifax says pronoun badge critics can close accounts

50% Right coverage: 12 sources
The bank tweeted a picture of a name badge with the pronouns she/her/hers and the caption: "Pronouns matter." In response to complaints the social media team said that Halifax wanted to 'open the conversation around gender identity.' The bank told two vociferous critics: 'We strive for inclusion, equality and, quite simply, in doing what's right. If you don't like it, close your account.'See the Story
US & Canada · Orlando

Disney Animated Children's Series 'Baymax' Features Transgender 'Man' Who Menstruates

83% Right coverage: 12 sources
Baymax!, a new animated series based on the character from Big Hero 6, has been applauded for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity. The scene in question sees the inflatable healthcare robot Baymax at a local shop looking for the right period products. One of the customers that helps Baymax appears to be a trans masc person wearing a trans flag top.See the Story
Europe · London

Clock is running for U.S. Federal Reserve to bring inflation down, Powell says

67% Right coverage: 6 sources
Jerome Powell said there is a risk U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate increases will slow the economy too much. Powell said the bigger risk is persistent inflation that starts to let public expectations about prices drift higher. Powell used his appearance at the ECB's annual conference in Sintra, Portugal, to further emphasize the Fed's do-whatever-it-takes approach.See the Story
Twitter · Washington

Jordan Peterson Suspended by Twitter Over Post Referring to Transgender Actor

100% Right coverage: 9 sources
Twitter reportedly suspended Dr. Jordan B. Peterson after he ran afoul of its rules in a tweet about transgender actor Elliot Page. See the Story

Adam Kinzinger stupidly calls out ‘Christian Taliban’

67% Right coverage: 3 sources
Rep. Boebert said she was “tired of this separation of church and state junk.” Rep. Kinzinger responded by likening Boebert’s chalking up her remark as “Christian Taliban.” This is a manufactured lie from the left and RINO-ey Kinzinger that ultimately skews America’s history.See the Story

UK climate activist group claims to have deflated dozens of tires in NYC

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
The climate activist group Tyre Extinguishers, which originated in the United Kingdom, claims to have reached American shores.For the first time in the group's history, TE says that it has successfully deflated the tires of dozens of SUVs in wealthy New York City neighborhoods.See the Story

Buttigieg initiative to address racial inequalities in highway systems: 'It's about mending what has been broken'

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has launched an initiative that seeks to redress inequalities created by civil engineering in previous generations.According to the AP, Buttigieg's Reconnecting Communities project aims to reunify historically black neighborhoods divided decades ago when the i...See the Story
Whoopi Goldberg

Video mashup shows 'The View's' Whoopi Goldberg losing her mind in epic showdown with herself

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
On “The Rubin Report” Wednesday, BlazeTV's Dave Rubin shares a video mashup of “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg exposing her hypocrisy as she has a major Roe v. Wade meltdown. As her principles on “my body, my choice” flip-flop depending on the politics involved, Whoopi reveals herself to just be another celebrity hypocrite. Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.See the Story

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