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US troops will defend Taiwan if China invades, Biden says

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U.S. President Joe Biden said on Monday he would be willing to use force to defend Taiwan. Biden said the United States stands with other nations to make sure China cannot use force in Taiwan. He added that China is flirting with danger in Taiwan by flying close to the island.See the Story
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No change to policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan: Biden

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US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday there had been no change to the policy of strategic ambiguity on Taiwan. He did not answer a question about whether he would put troops on the ground to defend Taiwan. Biden's latest declaration followed similar insistence from top US officials that a decades-old approach to Taiwan remains in place.See the Story
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China says it conducted military drills near Taiwan in warning to the U.S.

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China held military exercises close to the democratically ruled island, underscoring its anger over the U.S. stance. China has a pattern of using the PLA to respond to what it sees as U.s. provocations regarding Taiwan, which Beijing claims as part of its territory that must be brought under control by force if necessary.See the Story
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North City Tests Nine Tiers of Fruit and Vegetable Tower, Kumquat Pesticide Excess - Taipei

The Taipei Municipal Health Bureau today announced the results of sampling pesticide residues in fresh fruits and vegetables. It tested 53 fruit and vegetable products and found that 1 “nine-layer tower” and 1 piece of “kumquat” pesticide were unqualified. Therefore, traders were asked to remove the products. The Health Bureau found that one nine-layer tower detected 0.See the Story
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Donation to Nankai University of Science and Technology Jinan University Ministry of Education: Respecting the Decision of the Two Schools - Taipei

The private Nankai University of Science and Technology donated to the National Jinan International University. The Ministry of Education responded this afternoon that the Nankai University of Science and Technology had normal offices and financial resources, and that it was not a project under the supervision of the Ministry of Education to guide the schools.See the Story
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Legend of Ximending! He was pronounced dead for more than 10 years and accidentally “resurrected” after being found in his wallet - Taipei

As the saying goes, “A person dies and cannot be revived”, but legally it is not certain! A street friend surnamed Chen left home for more than 10 years without a word, and his family was helpless. He had to declare his death. As a result, Chen Nan became a “dead man” from a “living person”. Later, a female college student surnamed Shi lost her wallet in Ximending Town, Taipei City.See the Story
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215 Chinese Employees of Money Collection Escort Gambling Group Unlawfully Came to Taiwan Legislative Yuan 1 Civil Servant Sentenced to 2-Year Leave of Absence - Taipei

In less than a year and a half, a clerk surnamed Lin of the Legislative Yuan colluded with an unscrupulous trader to escort Chinese gambling groups to invade Taiwan. In less than a year and a half, up to 215 Chinese people came to Taiwan illegally through this method. The forest worker earned a profit of 1.88 million yuan.See the Story
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Taika Dai Huaxia? Huaxia Rebuke: “Injuries Caused by Arbitrary Discourse” - Taipei

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Student Association issued a letter late on the night of the 25th. The university proposed to “accept” the Huaxia University of Science and Technology. Huaxia University of Science and Technology said today that the Taiwan University of Science and Technology students unilaterally announced the “pseudo-reception” of Huaxia Science and Technology.See the Story
Coronavirus · Taipei

The doctor confirmed the diagnosis immediately, Li Bing-ying reminded that false negative missed connections are more dangerous - Taipei

The local Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic heats up. The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that from the 26th, people who tested positive for rapid sieve were confirmed by doctors.See the Story

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