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US & Canada · Philadelphia

Central Pa. drag performer charged with 25 counts of child pornography, police say

70% Right coverage: 10 sources
Brice Williams, a local drag performer and community organizer for LGBTQ+ youth, was charged with possessing at least 49 photos and 25 videos of naked, prepubescent boys. Authorities said that the boys were under 18, but did not specify their specific ages. Williams allegedly admitted to being the owner of an email address and phone number associated with the suspected pornography.See the Story
US & Canada · Toronto

Canadian Police Describe Person with Full Beard as ‘Missing Woman’

100% Right coverage: 13 sources
Police in Toronto, Canada, asked members of the public to help them find a “woman” with short hair, heavy facial hair, and a strong jawline on Thursday.See the Story
Joe Biden

Press Corps Has Had It With Biden White House: ‘Continued Efforts To Limit Access To The President Cannot Be Defended’

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
The White House press corps wrote: "We once again respectfully request the Biden administration, without exception, re-open all of the traditional venues for presidential remarks at the White House" The current method of allowing a limited number of reporters into these events is not only restricted and anti-ethical to the concept of a free press.See the Story

White House sparks backlash after saying high gas prices guard 'liberal world order'

100% Right coverage: 4 sources
The White House's messaging on elevated gas prices continues to provoke frustration from consumers.See the Story

AOC Accuses Supreme Court Of A "Coup" And Calls For It To Be "Done Away With"

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zeroSee the Story
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Granted Authority To Buy 2100 More Acres Of North Dakota Farmland

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
Gates is circumventing a 1932 anti-corporate farm ownership lawSee the Story

Poll Shows American Belief in Transgender Ideology is Falling

100% Right coverage: 2 sources
Despite relentless promotion of LGBT in society.See the Story

Half of murders in the US go unsolved

Coverage: 2 sources
A CBS News investigation found that the murder clearance rate has dropped drastically in the U.S. A murder case can be cleared if a suspect is arrested or under "exceptional" circumstances. Overall, the clearance rate for murders in 2020 was 51%. The investigation also found that murders of Black or Hispanic people are less likely to be solved by police.See the Story

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