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Bob Cassilly's Cementland Sold at Auction

After a decade of rumors and speculation, the fate of Bob Cassilly’s Cementland may soon be known. The 40-acre site sold at auction on Thursday night for a high bid of $714,000. The final contract price including a 10% buyers premium was $785,400. According to auction terms the sale will close within 30 days. Ten […]See the Story
Locust · Locust

1711 Locust has a new owner

Held by Koplar Properties since 2007, hopes for 1711 Locust in Downtown West were buoyed recently with the start of rehab of the Butler Brothers building across the street. The property was listed for sale for $100k (Koplar paid $385k in 2007 according to city records) and under contract in April. Now city records show […]See the Story
St. Louis, United States · St. Louis

Seeking Solutions to Generations of Abandonment and Neglect

When buildings are not maintained or occupied, they quickly become susceptible to the elements. Think of the extremes we experience here. An unoccupied home freezing and thawing over the winter and then baking under the summer heat and humidity year after year eroding the bones and chipping away at the insides. A small hole in […]See the Story
St. Louis, United States · St. Louis

MoDOT to Study Possibilities, Connections, and Future of I-64 from Kingshighway to Jefferson

MoDOT is undertaking a Planning and Environmental Linkages study of the I-64 corridor from Kingshighway to Jefferson. What is a PEL study? Planning and Environment Linkages (PEL) helps transportation decision makers consider environmental, community, and economic goals early in the transportation planning process. Practitioners can also use the information, analysis, and products developed during planning […]See the Story
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1201 Tower Grove Ave to be Rehabbed

Timothy C Greenwald of Rule Breaker, LLC is rehabbing 1201 Tower Grove Ave at Swan Ave in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The city issued a building permit for $890k on April 26th. The plan is to turn the ground floor into two retail bays at the north end and two apartments at the south […]See the Story
Oil and Gas Sector · Missouri

Record Gas Prices Didn't Decrease Fuel Sales in Missouri

I’ve been curios to see how the rapid rise in gas prices the last few months has affected fuel sales. The Missouri Department of Revenue publishes the Motor Monthly Highway Report as a part of its Public Information Reports. Note, it reports the number of gallons taxed, not exactly the same as gallons sold. Gas […]See the Story
Coronavirus · St. Louis

E-biking in St. Louis: Stories from E-bike Commuters and Store Owners

We can all agree that the last couple of years hasn’t been the greatest due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the transportation advocate in me sees one upside to the pandemic: more people on bikes. People were out biking on our streets and trails at an unprecedented rate, a some of our St. Louis parks […]See the Story
Cycling · St. Louis

In a city with rampant pedestrian and cycling crashes, cyclists are still blamed for their own deaths - NextSTL

A tragic, fatal accident occurred on April 14, 2022 in St. Louis, just south of Dogtown. A westbound box truck struck and killed a cyclist at the intersection of Tamm and Manchester. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the fatal incident and only had one question about what might have led up to the crash – […]See the Story
St. Louis, United States · St. Louis

Downtown Development Roundup

The convention center expansion is moving ahead, but major construction on hold amid St. Louis County Council impasse. Numerous occupancy permits have been issued in the last few months. A $46M rehab into 160 apartments, 190 hotel rooms, and 94 time share units with a 16,000 sf grocery store is underway.See the Story

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