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Europe · Germany

Conspiracy House: City of Ulm throws out hacker space — and wants the name right away

The project was regarded nationwide as a beacon for cooperation between digital civil society and municipal administration. There's only a pile of broken pieces left now. How could that happen?See the Story
Europe · Berlin

Family Minister Paus: “We don't need private chat control”

At the TINCON youth conference in Berlin, Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) clearly rejected chat control:See the Story

XVideos: The porn empire next door

The world's most visited porn site operates in the heart of Europe. Survivors of sexualized violence are raising serious accusations against XVideos. The trail of XVideos leads to the Czech Republic, France – and Germany.See the Story
Europe · Germany

100.000 Unterschriften: Von der Leyen soll Chats mit Pfizer-Chef offenlegen

Einen Deal über 1,8 Milliarden Dosen Impfstoff fädelte EU-Kommissionschefin von der Leyen persönlich in Anrufen und Chatnachrichten mit dem Konzernchef von Pfizer ein. Eine Petition fordert nun, dass die Kommission die Chats herausgeben soll.See the Story
Europe · Germany

Massenüberwachung: Vernichtende Kritik für die Chatkontrolle aus Verbänden und Politik

Die Pläne der EU-Kommission zur Einführung einer so genannten See the Story
Europe · Germany

Chat Control: The EU Surveillance Monster is really coming if we don't do anything about it

Now it's out: The EU Commission wants to introduce chat control — and thus the largest project for mass surveillance without cause in a long time. Protest is needed quickly to prevent the project from happening. A comment.See the Story
Europe · Germany

“Absolutely unacceptable”: Street protest against chat control announced for the first time

The protest against a screening of the communication of all citizens is now reaching the streets. In Berlin, the campaign is callingSee the Story
Europe · Germany

EU Digital Commissioner Vestager: New attack on net neutrality

Network operators have long wanted to be able to ask large IT companies to cash out. They now seem to have been heard by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. This could undermine net neutrality.See the Story
Europe · Germany

Internal document: Facebook has no control over its data

A leaked Facebook document shows that the Group itself barely has an overview of where its users' data is flowing to. Data protection experts see a conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation.See the Story
European Union

Climate measures: Behind closed doors, EU officials talk about banning Bitcoin

Crypto's voracious appetite for electricity is causing alarm in Brussels. Behind closed doors, the European Commission and the German government are talking about countermeasures. We publish documents that show how the EU could ban Bitcoin.See the Story
Europe · Germany

Interne Dokumente: EU tüftelt an Bitcoin-Verbot

Bitcoin ist ein Stromfresser. Hinter verschlossenen Türen denken Beamt:innen von EU und Bundesregierung über ein Verbot nach. Wie sie Argumente von Bitcoin-Fans einschätzen, zeigen bislang unveröffentlichte Dokumente.See the Story
Europe · Germany

Constitution protection report: More and more right-wing extremists in security agencies

The Protection of the Constitution has published figures on cases of right-wing enemies of the constitution in German security authorities. Many officials who came into focus were members of corresponding chat groups.See the Story

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