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BTS 국내 콘서트 경제효과, 1회당 최대 1조2천억

[헤럴드경제=함영훈 고승희 기자] 방탄소년단(BTS) 국내 콘서트의 경제적 파급효과가 회당 1조2000억원, 연간 10회로 가정하면 12조원이라는 분석이 나왔다. 한국문화관광연구원은 포스트코로나 시기에 방탄소년단(BSee the Story

BTS Meets Fans of Music Broadcasters... New Song Stage Revealed

Group BTS will appear in a music broadcast to coincide with the release of the new album. BTS performed a new song stage, starting with Mnet'M Countdown' on the 16th, appearing in KBS2 'Music Bank' on the 17th, and SBS 'Popular Gaya' on the 19th.See the Story
Asia · South Korea

[Exclusive] Songhae leaves 'National Song Pride', which led for 34 years

Songhae (Photo = Daily DB) [Daily Star in Reporter Kim Hyun-sik] Songhae (95), the 'oldest MC in Korea', is expected to leave the KBS1 longevity music program 'National Song Pride' for 34 years. According to broadcasters on the 16th, Songhae recently joined the production teamSee the Story

Singer-songwriter Adora confirms comeback in June

ADORA previously made her debut as a singer last year with her single, MAKE U DANCE. On the other hand, she first made herself known as an in-house producer under Big Hit Music. AURA Entertainment stated that ADORA is releasing a new song this June. She plans to show a different charm through the new song.See the Story

'Beauty Activities' ESPA Finalizes with 'Girls' Season 1

The group aespa (aespa) concludes Season 1 of the SMCU ESPA Worldview with its second mini-album title song, “Girls (Girls),” with an intense and rough appeal. ESPA will launch “Girls” in Korea and the United States at the same time on July 8See the Story
Asia · South Korea

“The Democratic Party had conciliated that it would compensate if it recognized the month north”

Regarding the fact that Lee Lae Jin, the brother of a civil servant Ko Lee Dae-jun, who was killed in the “West Sea Public Officials Attack Case,” and the Democratic Party launched the West Sea Public Officials Killing Case Task Force (TF) on the 28th, the Democratic Party in the past is not on the same side because his hometown is Hunan, so it's not the same sideSee the Story
Asia · Seoul

[Video] Four People Including Joo Ok Soon Protest for 'Demolition of the Girl Statue' in Berlin... Germans Are Angry

(Seoul=Yonhap News) In September 2020, a domestic aid body protest was held in Berlin on the 26th (local time) calling for the removal of the “Statue of the Girl of Peace” installed in Berlin, the capital of Germany.See the Story

[Exclusive] Sunmi, “Show! Turview' Becomes New MC... Jesse and Baton Touch

Singer Sunmi said, “Show! Play the exclusive MC of “Turview” and “Sunmi's Show! According to broadcasters on the 24th, Sunmi is scheduled to be broadcast in July, “Show! “Turview” became a new MC. “Show! “Turview” is the hottest person in SBS web entertainmentSee the Story

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