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US & Canada · Oklahoma City

Oklahoma governor signs the nation’s strictest abortion ban

50% Center coverage: 107 sources
The bill bans abortion starting at fertilization. Opponents have called the bill the most restrictive in the country. Governor Kevin Stitt: "I promised Oklahomans that as governor I would sign every piece of pro-life legislation that came across my desk and I am proud to keep that promise today"See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Biden says Second Amendment 'not absolute' at police executive order signing

50% Right coverage: 22 sources
President Joe Biden said Wednesday that the Second Amendment is not absolute. He called for new limitations on guns in the wake of this week's massacre at a Texas elementary school. Biden was speaking at the White House before signing an executive order on policing. He that he would visit Texas with first lady Jill Biden in the coming days.See the Story
US & Canada · Washington

Schumer tells colleagues not to expect a gun-control vote anytime soon

50% Right coverage: 20 sources
Sen. Chris Murphy: "We are accepting this as the new normal" "If the slaughter of schoolchildren can't convince Republicans to buck the NRA, what can we do?" Sen. Cory Booker says. Congress has proven unwilling or unable to pass substantial gun violence legislation.See the Story
US & Canada · San Francisco

San Francisco schools to eliminate 'chief' from job titles in response to community 'concerns'

67% Right coverage: 12 sources
San Francisco Unified School District won't use the word "chief" in connection with any work level. Officials say there have been discussions among the 10,000 district employees with a wide variety of opinions. The district emphasizes that is not diminishing the contributions of people who formerly had a title.See the Story
Politics · Washington

Sussmann won't testify in own defense in Durham case, as trial moves to closing arguments

100% Right coverage: 6 sources
Sussmann, a 2016 Clinton campaign lawyer, faces a charge of provide a false statement to FBI in September 2016See the Story
Gun Laws · Chicago

Greg Abbott says Chicago, New York and LA prove that gun control laws don't work

83% Right coverage: 6 sources
"And so if you're looking for a real solution, Chicago teaches that what you're talking about, it's not a real solution. Our job is to come up with real solutions that we can implement."See the Story

Virginia Looking Smarter Than New York on Stadium Subsidies

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Stadium subsidies are always tempting to politicians.See the Story

Common Criticism

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
One of the dumbest criticisms of Justice Alito’s draft in Dobbs is that he cites Sir Matthew Hale on the common law’s treatment of abortion.See the Story

Oregon’s Republican Hope

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
Christine Drazen, Republican nominee for governor of Oregon, makes her pitch to centrist, independent voters.See the Story

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