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Europe · Serbia

Beta: EU i SAD veoma nezadovoljni odbijanjem Kurtija da obnovi dijalog

Zvaničnici u institucijama EU i zemlje članice Unije snažno zahtevaju od vlasti Kosova da suštinski obnove dijalog s Beogradom i stavljaju vrlo jasno do znanja da ni Srbija, a svakako ni Kosovo ne mogu napredovati ka ugrađivanju u EU bez opipljivog napretka ka normalizaciji odnosa u vidu celovitog međunarodno priznatog sporazuma.See the Story
Europe · Serbia

Supreme Court rules - aunts at minimum with no right to hot meal and recourse

Aunts and employees at the post of support staff in schools in Serbia, who receive the minimum wage, are not entitled to an additional amount in the name of hot meals and vacation recourse, since it is contained in the coefficient. This stems from a judgment by review published by the Supreme Court of Cassation.See the Story
Europe · Serbia

Storm Šapić: The least important thing is who is guilty, we cannot influence God

Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Shapic said he had a need to address the citizens of Belgrade because of the inclement weather that hit the capital. 'This amount of water wasn't even in 2014, and now I'm going to give you precise data on last night's flood and rain in the capital. It was estimated that in the central municipalities it fell somewhere between 40 and 50 liters per square meter, in the marginal ones it went over 50.See the Story
Europe · Serbia

EP usvojio rezoluciju o Srbiji: Vladavina prava, Kosovo i sankcije Rusiji

Evropski parlament usvojio rezoluciju u kojoj se navodi da će napredak Srbije ka EU direktno zavisiti od jačanja vladavine prava, normalizacije odnosa sa Kosovom i uvođenja sankcija Rusiji.See the Story
Europe · Croatia

Croatia lost the dispute against MOL, look how much we have to pay!

Croatia has lost the dispute against MOL at the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington (ICSID), according to Večernji list exclusively, which confirmed this information from multiple sources.See the Story
Europe · Serbia

RIK Announces Final Results of Parliamentary Elections

The Republican Election Commission announced today the final results of the parliamentary elections held on April 3 this year.See the Story
Europe · Center

Demolition of Hotel “Dom”, a 1929 building in the center of Belgrade, began

In Belgrade, the demolition of the hotel “Dom”, a 1929 building whose temporary protection expired in 2020, has begun, warns SAA.See the Story
Europe · Serbia

Izveštaj: Politički pritisci najveći rizik za medije, SNS erodira institucije

Najveći rizik po medijski pluralizam u Srbiji zabeležen je u oblasti političke nezavisnosti medija od 83 odsto, zbog velike polarizacije medija i političkih pritisaka kojima su mediji izloženi, pokazao je izveštaj o Srbiji, izrađen u okviru "Monitoringa medijskog pluralizma u digitalnoj eri".See the Story

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