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US & Canada · Washington

U.S. seizes Iranian oil cargo near Greek island - sources

61% Right coverage: 18 sources
The United States has confiscated Iranian oil held on a Russian-operated ship near Greece and will send the cargo to the United States aboard another vessel.See the Story
Europe · Grenoble

French court scraps rule allowing burkinis in Grenoble swimming pools

50% Left coverage: 12 sources
French court steps into row over the wearing of burkinis in municipal swimming pools. Ruling suspends a council's decision to allow Muslim women to wear them. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin welcomed the court ruling as "excellent news" The all-in-one swimsuit is a controversial issue in France.See the Story
Democracy · Tunis

Tunisian president decrees a referendum for new constitution

Coverage: 11 sources
Tunisian President Kais Saied issued a decree to call voters to a referendum on a new constitution on July 25. The main political parties have said they will boycott the unilateral restructuring of politics. The powerful UGTT union also refused to take part in a limited dialog proposed by the president as he rewrites the constitution.See the Story
Europe · Ankara

Turkey in talks with Russia, Ukraine over grain-export corridor

Coverage: 9 sources
An undisclosed senior Turkish official told Reuters that the negotiations were ongoing to export grain from Ukraine. Russia blocks over 20 million tons in Ukraine’s Black Sea port, using it to blackmail the West to lift sanctions, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said earlier.See the Story

Israeli appeal court quashes ruling on Jewish prayer at Al Aqsa compound

34% Center coverage: 9 sources
Al Aqsa mosque compound is at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Under a decades-old "status quo" arrangement, Israel allows Jews to visit only if they refrain from religious rites. Three Jewish youths who received a restraining order after praying at the site successfully challenged the police decision.See the Story
Law · Israel

Iraqi Parliament approves bill banning ties with Israel

Coverage: 6 sources
Iraqi parliament passes bill criminalizing contact with Israel. Those found guilty of breaching the law would face life in prison or the death penalty. The law will apply to the entire territory of Iraq, including the autonomous Kurdish region in the north. The legislation stands in stark contrast to the broader trend among Arab and Islamic countries to reach peace agreements with Israel following a century of conflict.See the Story
Business · Doha

Gulf airlines to lay on World Cup shuttle flights, says Qatar Airways

Coverage: 7 sources
Qatar Airways says fellow Gulf Arab airlines will operate more than 160 daily shuttle flights to Qatar during this year's soccer World Cup. Flydubai, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways and Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) will operate shuttle flights. Shuttle flights would alleviate logistical, accommodation and policing pressure on tiny Qatar.See the Story

6.9M Somalis under severe food insecurity: Gov't

Coverage: 2 sources
6.9 million people in the Horn of African country are facing severe water shortages and food insecurity as the worst droughts in decades have escalated in the region. The drought has affected 90% of the country's landmass and 66 districts across the county. Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, the newly appointed special envoy for humanitarian affairs, said it is feared that the number of people affected may reach 8 million.See the Story

Assad regime demands money to close released detainees' cases, violating amnesty decree

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
The Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad is reportedly 'blackmailing' the relatives of recently-released detainees by demanding huge amounts of money in return for the guarantee that their cases will ...See the Story

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