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Kyiv · Kyiv

It's the only one other than Russia that Syria recognizes the independence of the two states of Udon - International

It has been more than 4 months since Russia invaded Ukland. When the war in Udon Donbass continued, Syria, located in the Middle East, decided to approve the Donetsk Republic and the Luhansk Republic established by the pro-Russian government.See the Story
Erdogan · Finland

Turkey no longer opposes Sweden and Finland's entry into NATO and the US signaling support for F-16 arms sales - International

US President Joe Biden today thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) for not opposing Finland and Sweden joining NATO. A US official signaled that the US side supported Turkey's plan to purchase F-16 fighters. The North Atlantic Pledging Organization (NATO) held a summit in Madrid, Spain.See the Story

“Middle Job” First home MVP Tsang Renhe struck out before the match, and danced after the match (video)

Rakuten Peach Monkey Corps defeated the Zhongxin Brothers at 12:2 on the 29th, and as long as they win the full dragon again, they can light up the magic numbers. Apes starting pitcher Zo Renhe threw 8 strikeouts and lost 1 point in 5.2 innings. He shot 3 minutes with a squatting catch, and a total of 5 RBI in a single case.See the Story

“Middle Job” Oolong Challenge Judgment? Zeng Yi: If you have a question about whether it is possible to challenge

Rakuten Peach Apes challenged whether dropping the ball in the 8th inning of the CITIC Brothers did not replay the aid judgment item was the second move. Lotte Chief Instructor Tsang Haochoma said that at the time he asked the referee if he could challenge it only after asking if he could challenge it, he did not expect to be able to challenge later.See the Story
NATO · Finland

Facilitating NATO's Re-eastward Expansion Biden's Telephone Diplomacy Works - International

According to White House news, Finland and Sweden, two countries that are not allied with the military, are more or less determined to join the North Atlantic Pledging Organization, changing the security landscape of Europe and resisting Russia's attack on Ukraine, all of which were prompted by a series of phone calls from US President Joe Biden.See the Story

Eun Eun's dad: Not allowed to file a full report for the New Taipei Association to accelerate legal action - Society

It's been a month since Eun Eun's dad traced the truth about his child being sent to medical treatment. He said tonight that he did not accept that New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi would submit a complete medical report to the central government and would use his methods of dealing with him to deal with the central government. He would study with lawyers to accelerate legal action.See the Story

Market melancholy, economic recession, European stocks blackened

The market continues to be worried. The sharp interest rate hike in response to uncontrolled inflation may lead to an economic recession. Major European stock markets closed black today. The London FTSE 100 index fell 11.09 points, or 0.15%, to close at 7312.32 points. ... ...See the Story

Filial piety is touching! A 15-year-old teenager walking around the island: he's always there - Life

Many people chose the ring island to be passionate about it. A 15-year-old teenager who rarely went out for fun before his death because of his past grandmother, traveled to Luyuan with him on foot. The story was shared on the Internet, and many netizens were moved to the Internet. A netizen posted an article today (29th) at the “Breaking News Commune” of the Shusho Society.See the Story

Actress Abdominal Pain Sudden Lower Body “Outflow from East to West” Reaching Out One After Another Was Actually a Fetal Baby... - International

Malasian actor Fida Ibrahim (Fida Ibrahim) only announced through a social platform a few days ago that she had a baby in March. She didn't expect her sudden grief on the 27th of this month that she had a miscarriage and shared a video of her burial of a small fetus.See the Story
Taichung City · Taichung City

Who the hell is murderous? 14 people in the murder case of Lu Liuhan Meiyu have dismissed responsibility for 2 fugitive celebrities - Taichung City

Famous Lu Meat Rice in Taichung's second market occurred in the early morning of the 23rd. 14 people were arrested. On that day, 7 people participated in the encirclement, all with the background of the Taoyuan Tiandao League Justice Council. Together with 1 person arrested on the same day and Lin Nan who fell into the net on the 28th in Pingtung on the 28th, 2 accomplices were at large.See the Story

Five Chinese Enterprises Involved in Supporting Russia's Military Industry and the US Are Listed in Trade Black List - International

On the 28th, the US government added 36 companies around the world to the trade black list on the grounds that it suspected of supporting the Russian military and national defense industry. Of these 36 companies, 25 have opened business in China, and 5 of them are still Chinese companies.See the Story

Defense against China's Misjudgment Invasion of Taiwan, British Foreign Minister Calls on Allies to “Defeating Russia Again” - International

British Foreign Secretary Trass pointed out today that China is paying close attention to the situation in Ukland, and it is certain that there is a possibility that it will seriously misjudge and invade Taiwan in order to draw erroneous conclusions. Britain and its allies must carefully consider their response to the Russian aggression.See the Story

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