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Europe · Paris

Paris: Ex-leader of Louvre charged with money laundering

50% Center coverage: 30 sources
Jean-Luc Martinez, who was president of the famous museum in Paris between 2013 and 2021, has also been charged with "complicity in organised fraud".See the Story
Protest · Abadan

Iran Protesters Seek Justice as Building Collapse Toll Rises

46% Center coverage: 26 sources
Hundreds take to streets in southwestern Iran demanding justice after tower block collapse. Large section of the 10-storey Metropol building crumbled on Monday, causing one of Iran's deadliest such disasters in years. At least 10 people were arrested following the incident, including the mayor and two former mayors.See the Story
Asia · Samoa

Samoa signs China agreement amid South Pacific push

44% Center coverage: 23 sources
Samoa signs bilateral agreement with China. Deal comes midway through Chinese delegation's eight-nation trip. Leaked draft of the deal outlined plans to expand security and economic engagement. Western leaders urge regional counterparts to spurn any Chinese attempt to extend its security reach across the region.See the Story
Queen Elizabeth

Why Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee Will Be 'Very Poignant'

75% Center coverage: 4 sources
Queen Elizabeth II is the only British monarch in history to have ruled for 70 years. Red, white and blue Union Jack are being hung for street parties, picnics and barbecues over four days from Thursday to Sunday. British Beer and Pub Association estimated that 90 million pints will be sold.See the Story

Billionaire Zombies Club Officially Announces Metaverse Land Sale

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
Through its community land sale, Billionaire Zombies Club seeks to provide a reasonable entry price for NFT buyers in a down market and to create a true expansion and interoperability not common in this space LOS ANGELES – May 27, 2022 – ( Billionaire Zombies Club (BZC) has officially announced their metaverse land sale. In […]See the Story

Deforestation surges in Brazil Atlantic Forest: report

100% Center coverage: 2 sources
Mata Atlantica lost 21,642 hectares (53,479 acres) of forest cover from November 2020 to October 2021, up two-thirds from the year before. Cutting down that forest released the equivalent of 10.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Deforestation has surged in Brazil under President Jair Bolsonaro.See the Story

Op-Ed: Trump, GOP geriatrics, and gun nuts want billions in security, but not gun restrictions. What a surprise

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
Presidential insult-in-waiting Trump addressed has-been financial slopfest NRA members last night. There was, predictably, no mention of taking guns away from anyone. A big bad bang-bang makes you somebody. It's a way of defending yourself against other people with guns. Trump also wants a security overhaul at all schools.See the Story

Shell becomes the most valued brand

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
A new survey finds that Shell leads United Kingdom as most valuable brand. EY is the UK's strongest brand with a Brand Strength Index (BSI) score of 89.5 out of 100. Fastest growing British brands include tech companies ARM and Softcat, pharmaceutical brand AstraZeneca and British Gas.See the Story

Review: Shaggy and Sting captivate New York City’s Blue Note Jazz Club

100% Center coverage: 1 sources
Shaggy and Sting put on a captivating album release show at New York City's iconic Blue Note Jazz Club. Sting produced Shaggy's latest studio offering, Com Fly Wid Mi, which is comprised of songs from Frank Sinatra's songbook in a distinct reggae style. They were joined by a talented horn section that included such gifted instrumentalists as Karl Wright.See the Story

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