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Tiempo en Catalunya hoy, martes, 28 de junio: regresa el ambiente soleado

Catalunya se despide este martes, 28 de junio, de la inestabilidad que vivió el lunes. Tras las tormentas en buena parte de las comarcas, hoy regresará el ambiente soleado, aunque en el nordeste seguirán viéndose nubes y posiblemente algún chubasco.La nubosidad se irá retirando de Catalunya de oeste a este, aunque...See the Story
Crime · Tucumán

Crimen en un cumpleaños de Mar del Plata: se entregó el presunto asesino en Tucumán

100% Left coverage: 1 sources
Juan Jesús Piero Pinna era buscado desde el domingo a la madrugada por el crimen de Maximiliano Rihl. Había escapado junto a su novia, la hija del ex chofer de Néstor KirchnerSee the Story

A Guy's Unusual and Desperate “Trick” to Hide His Infidelity

The young man approached a group of children, who did not hesitate to “save his life”. The story of how these strangers helped him stop his girlfriend from finding out he was cheating on her went viral on Tik Tok. Listen to the hilarious story!See the Story

Recipes with leftover polenta: easy, cheap and delicious dishes without throwing anything in the trash

If you haven't decided what to cook yet and want to “recycle” what you have in the fridge, check out these five recipes with leftover polenta that are easy to prepare so you don't waste anything.See the Story

This is how picketeers chase truck drivers who don't want to protest

All the news, shows, interviews and videos of Crónica HD. The firm canal next to the town. Watch it live at the Story

Measures on the dollar, the day after: between fear of lower consumption and the specter of remarks

After the Central Bank announcements regarding imports, merchants and representatives of chambers spoke to about how they believe the initiative will affect the day-to-day life of their economy.See the Story
Oil and Gas Sector

A young woman died with 90% of her body burned: they investigate if her boyfriend sprayed her with gasoline and set her on fire

The defendant is 18 years old and was charged with homicide aggravated by the bond. The victim, who was 24 years old, was identified as Yamila Herter.See the Story

The leader of “Los Palmeras” defended himself after comparing the Colón club to a rapist: What did he say?

Marcos Camino questioned the “irascible” reaction of people after the strong rejection generated by his comment. “I didn't commit any crime,” remarked one of the founders of the Santa Fe cumbia group Los Palmeras.See the Story

ANSES Social Tariff for traveling on public transport with a 55% discount: Who can access it and how to manage it?

ANSES implemented this bonus for holders of certain assignments. Also for holders of some social programs. This way you can travel with a differential price on buses, trains and the subway when using the SUBE card. More details, in the note.See the Story

Mercado Libre seeks staff in Argentina and offers salaries of up to $400,000: how to apply

The multinational Mercado Libre offers a wide variety of jobs with salaries ranging from 150,000 to $400,000. What are they, what requirements do they ask for and how to sign up.See the Story

WhatsApp: How do you know if someone else opened your account?

With the increase in cases of hacks, it is extremely important to know how to protect your WhatsApp. The instant messaging platform owned by Meta allows you to secure your account with a few simple steps.See the Story

He played a criminal in the series about Tevez and ended up being arrested for joining a gang of assailants

This is Dilan Tomás Eduardo Vera, alias “Dylan”, 19, who had participated in the Netflix production and was now arrested in the context of a search. He is accused of being part of a criminal group composed of other men and women.See the Story

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