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Middle East · Cairo

Egypt: Ruins of Ancient Temple for Zeus Unearthed in Sinai

39% Left coverage: 28 sources
The temple ruins were found in the Tell el-Farma archaeological site in northwestern Sinai. Archaeologists found a set of granite blocks probably used to build a staircase for worshipers to reach the temple. The temple is the latest in a series of ancient discoveries Egypt has touted in the past couple of years.See the Story
Europe · London

Factbox: Queen Elizabeth, Britain's longest-reigning monarch

50% Left coverage: 24 sources
Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese jokes his birth was delayed by Queen Elizabeth II. Albanese made the comments before lighting a beacon in Canberra to mark the queen's seven decades on the throne. Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee is being celebrated in Britain and throughout the Commonwealth over several days.See the Story
US & Canada · Hawaii

Scientists discover ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to ‘Atlantis’ in never-before explored depth of Pacific

44% Left coverage: 18 sources
A team of marine biologists discovered what appeared to be a yellow brick road on top of an undersea mountain near Hawaii. The seemingly paved roadway was simply the natural result of ancient volcanic activity thousands of feet below the water's surface. The researchers took a detour down this eerie undersea road while piloting a remotely operated vehicle (ROV)See the Story
Europe · Wiltshire

Prehistoric faeces discovered in Wiltshire gives a hint about the cooking skills of Stonehenge builders

56% Left coverage: 9 sources
Ancient faeces found near Stonehenge show its builders may have dined on badly cooked cow offal during epic winter feasts. The bizarre find at Durrington Walls, just 2.8km from the ancient stones in Wiltshire, dates from 2,500 BC. Five of the coprolites - one human and four dog - contained the eggs of parasitic worms.See the Story

Wreck of 17th-century royal warship found off UK coast

90% Center coverage: 10 sources
HMS Gloucester ran aground in 1682 while traveling from southern England to Scotland. It sank within an hour, killing an estimated 130 to 250 crew and passengers. James Stuart, the son of King Charles I, survived. He went on to reign as King James II of England, Ireland and Scotland.See the Story

Mummified remains of 30,000 year old baby mammoth found in Canada

100% Left coverage: 2 sources
First near-complete and best-preserved mummified woolly mammoth found in North AmericaSee the Story
Archaeology · Roman

Secrets of Roman winemaking revealed by high-tech study of underwater jars

100% Right coverage: 1 sources
FRESH INSIGHTS on Roman-era winemaking has been revealed by a study of wine jars found off of the coast of central Italy.See the Story

Sacrifice Remains From 100 BC Dug Up At ‘Duropolis’, Dorset

A team of 65 Bournemouth University archaeology students exploring an Iron Age site in Dorset County in southwest England have been credited with a significant discovery.Read moreSection: NewsHistory & ArchaeologyRead LaterSee the Story

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