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Governor: in Stavropol Territory, a reserve of 500 beds has been created for patients with coronavirus
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
Match review Dynamo - Akhmat September 21, 2020: goals, match result, player statistics, highlights
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
Voronezh "Buran" lost the fourth match in a row and dropped to last place
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»

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Lukashenko asked Putin to supply new types of weapons to Belarus
The Star Kuala Lumpur
Slobodna Dalmacija
C 25%
R 75%


Trump ad asks people to support US troops. But it uses a picture of Russian jets
Yahoo News
The Guardian
The Independent
South China Morning Post
L 80%
R 20%

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The heads of the districts of the Ulyanovsk region will have “digital” deputies
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
Two Russian Fighters Scrambled to Escort UK Spy Plane Over Barents Sea, Defence Ministry Says
Sputnik News
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
R 100%
Soloviev found inconsistencies in the words of Alexei Navalny about the seized clothes
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
A verdict was passed to a resident of Bashkiria, who stabbed his ex-wife and hid from the police in the forest for five days
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»
Coronavirus in Izhevsk, the latest news on September 21: 85 new cases and 38 people in serious condition
KP.RU - сайт «Комсомольской правды»

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